Playlist for Free4All with Number 6, July 13th, 2020

Aired 11PM-2AM

Tom Clay-What The World Needs Now Is Love-What The World Needs Now Is Love

*Facs-Version-Void Moments

*Sunwatchers-Sunwatchers vs. Tooth Decay-Oh Yeah

Sun Ra-Space Is The Place-The Other Side Of The Sun

Magma-Udu Wudu-Udu Wudu


Glen Branca-The Spectacular Commodity-The Ascension

Dan & Dale-Batman And Robin Over The Roofs-Batman And Robin TV Soundtrack

The Samples-Another Disaster-No Room


Tuxedomoon-Atlantis-Ship Of Fools

Electronic-Dissapointed (Single Mix)-Dissapointed EP

Electronic-Dissapointed (Electronic Mix)-Dissapointed EP

Hybrid-I Will Survive-Wide Angles


Van Der Graaf Generator-Man Erg-Pawn Hearts

Van Der Graaf Generator-Killer-H To He Who Am The Only One

*Juniper-Best Kept Secret-Juniper

*Tidane Thiam-Minuit-Siforde

Monty Python-Fish License-The Final Rip Off Disc 1

Monty Python-Eric The Half A Bee Song-The Final Rip Off Disc 1


Deep Blue-Salt Water-Deep Blue


Kitchens Of Distinction-Railwayed-Strange Free World

Massive Attack-Future Proof-100th Wonder

Manuel Gottsching-Blackouts-Blackouts

Gravity Wheel-Mistral-Goa Trance Volume 2


Tontos Expanding Headband-Tranquillium-Tonto Rides Again

The Hollies-After The Fox-OST

Gary Numan-Angels-JXL Computer Hell Cabin

Willow Sea-Moore Street (Grouse Remix)-Single

Landscape-The Bequine-From The Tea-Rooms Of Mars…To The Hell-Holes Of Uranus


Stellardrome-Between The Rings-Between The Rings