Marvin Rose - Home Tribune

Photograph of Classical DJ Marvin Rosen, host of Classical Discoveries, in the WPRB studio. Courtesy of the Home Tribune.

Calling all music lovers! PU students; community members from Jersey, Philly, and New York: all are welcome! If you want to meet a great community of like-minded individuals, learn some swag new skills, and have your own radio show, you should apply to be a DJ on WPRB.

To become a DJ, you must complete WPRB’s two-month DJ training program culminating in a two-part test with a live on-air and a written component. DJ training teaches you the basics of WPRB through a few sessions in the studio with the Program Director. You’ll learn how to use our equipment, station rules, FCC regulations, station history, ideas for shaping your radio show, and much more! You’ll also have the opportunity to shadow an experienced DJ and complete take-home assignments throughout.

As you participate in DJ training, you’ll also be invited to start participating in other station activities. You can begin attending our music listening hours, where we decide what music to add to the rotation that week. While you’re training, you’ll also have the opportunity to volunteer for the station’s seasonal fundraisers, including the big on-air Membership Drive in the spring. Finally, you’ll be able to leave your mark on WPRB by reviewing new albums for DJs to play on air.

After you pass your DJ test with flying colors, you’ll be added to the fill-in rotation so you can begin substituting for DJs on occasion. You will have the opportunity to apply for your own weekly show three times a year: January, May, and August (our schedule changes for the fall, spring, and summer terms at Princeton University). Applying for a show is highly competitive: though we have about 70 DJs on air each semester, there are many more trained DJs who will apply for shows at any given time. This means that your first season of weekly shows at WPRB will very likely be in a late-night slot, as is tradition for newbies. Completing DJ training does not guarantee you a show, but you will always be on the fill-in list after training.

Even if you have DJed at another radio station, we still require that you go through the full training program at WPRB to ensure familiarity with our equipment and our requirements. All DJs are unpaid volunteers; there are no paid positions available at WPRB. But the intangible benefits of radio will make it well worth your time: we promise.

Email if you are interested in becoming a DJ.