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3rd edition of 1,033

From Oct 22nd (today!) to Nov 22nd, we will be hosting our (mostly) annual Fall (Quiet) Drive! This year, the Drive will feature 50+ specialty shows, fresh from our DJs. Stay up to date on WPRB’s social media (@wprb) and our website to see what’s on deck :0 You will hear DJs talk about the Drive in-depth once per show. We’re looking to gain a new cohort of sustaining members who will allow us to work on new, exciting projects to keep WPRB on the forefront of radio-as-art while keeping the lights on!

You’ll not only become part of our donor community, but you can also get WPRB merch as a token of our appreciation!

You can go to to make a tax-deductible donation to keep WPRB and keep bold community radio alive and well! Your support is much appreciated

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A SMALL preview of some of the 50+ specialty shows goin’ on (on) the airwaves during the Drive! Check on Oct 22nd for the full list!


Events & stuff

It’s days like this that make me wish summer lasted forever

Literally just me standing outside WKCR in the summertime – nothing to see here…

The aforementioned packing party!

Our sales director Hanna! Give her your money!

WPRB History

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