Playlist for Uneasy Listening with Commie Francis, May 22nd, 2020

Bay City Rollers – Saturday Night – Bay City Rollers

Badfinger – Flying – Straight Up

DJ speaks over The Beatles – Flying

13th Floor Elevators – I’ve Got Levitation – The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators

Peach Kelli Pop – Bat Wing – Peach Kelli Pop (blue)

Bluttat – Flying Into Heaven’s Door

Scorpions – Fly People Fly – Fly to the Rainbow

DJ speaks over The Sensational Guitars of Dan and Dale – Flight of the Batman

The Pentangle – Light Flight – Basket of Light

The Morning Dew – Flying Above Myself – Unreleased Second Album

Kate Bush – Kite – The Kick Inside

The Third Rail – From a Parachute – Id Music

Pixies – Levitate Me – At the BBC 

Buffalo Springfield – Flying on the Ground is Wrong – Buffalo Springfield

The Cowsills – We Can Fly – We Can Fly

DJ speaks over Richiro Manabe – Godzilla in Flight

The Pretty Things – Parachute – Parachute

Wipers – Fly by Night – Live at the Met, December 31 1982

The Fall – Wings – Kicker Conspiracy

The Idle Race – The Lady Who Said She Could Fly – The Birthday Party

Warhead – Go Fly – The Lost Self and Beating Heart

George McCrae – I Get Lifted – Rock Your Baby

Curt Boettcher – You Make Me Feel So High – Chicken Little Was Right

Spaced – Flying Thru the Sky – Flying Thru the Skyy

Washboard Sam – Flying Crow Blues –  Washboard Sam Vol. 6

Alice Cooper – Beautiful Flyaway – Easy Action

Lou Reed – Fly into the Sun – New Sensations

Bee Gees – When the Swallows Fly – Idea

J.K. & Co – Fly – Suddenly One Summer

Talking Heads – And She Was – Little Creatures

Judy Henske – High Flying Bird – High Flying Bird

Attack – Feel Like Flying – Magic in the Air

Chameleons – As High as You  Can Go – Script of the Bridge

The Turtles – Flyin’ High – You Baby

Blue Oyster Cult – Wings Wetted Down – Tyranny and Mutation

Plato and the Philosophers – Thirteen O’Clock Flight to Psychedelphia – Wishes

Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers – Fly Into the Mystery – Rock and Roll With the Modern Lovers

Fastbacks – Last Night I Had a Dream That I Could Fly – Very Very Powerful Motor