Playlist for The Flat Circle Radio Hour with DJ Pup, May 14th, 2020

Kaoru Iyoshi & The WIP Soul Tripper Soul Tripper EP Jazz Room

Cheri Moya Triga ft. Henri Ardui Cheri Moya Natural Candy

Markos Vamvakaris Those Who Are Rich The Sun Is Setting On the World Death Is Not

The End

Piglet Building Site Outside Alex’s Birthday Double Dare

Squarepusher Detroit People Mover Be Up A Hello Warp

Monotrophy Hornblende Micas S.K Records

Shirley Scott Keep On Movin’ On One For Me Arc Records

Foodman Kazunoko Dokutsu Highball

William Eaton Untitled A1 Music By William Eaton Morning Trip

Yosuke Tokunaga Mon Otonousness 13 Monotonousness Audio Visual Atmosphere

Schntzl Sumi Catwalk W.E.R.F. Records

Methods Body Quiet Pt. 1 The Didn’t Come Here Methods Body New Amsterdam

Inflatable Chaise CHILD Fruit Dove Pump Child Self Release

Huron Japanese Suburbs Japanese Suburbs 7” Self Release

Grouper Stuck Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill Type

Fresh Bread Waraku3test2 Voice Memos Self Release

Masumi Hara Four Times the Dream Yume No 4 Bai Yupiteru

Tristan Arp Specie Suggested Forms Human Pitch

Jeff Parker Max Brown Suite For Max Brown International Anthem