Playlist for The Flat Circle Radio Hour with DJ Pup, June 11th, 2020

Tapes     Salavere     Summer Jam c/w Salavere     Em

Horse Lords     Fanfare for Effective Freedom     The Common Task     Northern Spy

Michael Fakesch     Mac I-O (Unreleased Demo)     Marion (20th Anniv Edition)     Bit-Phalanx Music

Nate Morgan     Retribution, Reparation     Retribution, Reparation     Nimbus West

Active Presence     Encore Prince     Fresh     Business Casual

Carl Stone     Au Jus     Au Jus / The Jugged Hare     Unseen Worlds

Yamaan     石化浅瀬     幻想区域 EP     Dotei

Hether     When U Loved Me     When U Loved Me / Who R U     Painted Pony

Philippe Doray & Les Asociaux Associes     Poubelles     Nouveaux Modes Industriels     Invisible

Trad, Gras och Stenar     Chrisboogie     Mors Mors     Anthology

Bankerot     Soens Maske     Vampyr     Forlaget Kornmod

Ahrnol Spolch     Nonsplotch Stop     Ahrnol Spolch     Transmekanik

Adam Oko     Legs Akimbo     Diet of Germs     Music From Memory

Butter Bean     Dethrone the Corrupt King     SUPER Bad Bug Island     Drongo

Emma-Jean Thackray     Rain Dance / Wisdom     Rain Dance     Movementt

Alabaster DePlume     Whisky Story Time     To Cy & Lee: Instrumentals Vol. 1     International Anthem

Aki Tsuyuko     Above Another Lake     Aki Tsuyuko’s Room In Commend     RVNG Intl

Schmil Blick     Aeaea     H*rnstars     Discolored Field

John Foxx     Mr No (‘no one driving’ b-side)     Metamatic     Virgin

Neighbours Burning Neighbours     Softly     Softly/Grace     Subroutine