Playlist for Side B Radio with Phil Jackson, August 6th, 2020

Aired 11PM-1AM

the roots proceed2 

malik b netal is out

jamal gasol supreme dreams 

king shampz can’t get enough 

curren$y and harru fraud cutlass cathedrals

the un cake 

kv beats ft ag reks, percee p, dj madhandz supreme confidence

king magnetic ft comet and sticky money fireteam

38 spesh ft. eto flour city 2

jakk frost ft freeway, tanya da beast malik b beards r us 

malik b devil 

john jigg$ ft. napoleon da legend, craig g, kaleber bill cosby remix

grand daddi i u ft sadat x, rustee juxx, shortee sha politically incorrect

mr. fickle ft. fel sweetenberg no apologies

tone atlas gold bars

gf anon soliloquy at the armory 

killah priest and vendetta kingz ft timbo king one day 

m.a.v value

us natives & skrewtape ft. malik b and dj too tuff reckless endangerment 

flee lord and pete rock surfin with a k

fly anakin rap music 

hus kingpin and rozewood shallow graves 

evan III larry and louis 

al divino no matter the weather

cash bilz ft g stats reagan mask 

mr green ft kevin brown malik b sunwun down in the streets

jakk frost and malik b black mother 

big ghost ltd ft al divino estee nack and raheem supreme benghazi emporium

skanks not safe

stove god cook$ gloria blemente 

oddisee ft ralph real no skips 

malik b rhyme exercise