Are you interested in becoming a DJ at WPRB? Excellent, because we are recruiting new DJs!

Being a DJ at WPRB is more than just an opportunity to host a radio show. It’s also an opportunity to be part of a larger community of music lovers, learn skills in radio programming production, and to explore new, exciting music.


Q: What is WPRB?

A: We are a 84 year old beloved radio station located on the campus of Princeton University but financially independent of the university. Our station is student run, and we have students and community members as DJs. We are 103.3 FM on the dial and stream at 

Q: What do you play?

A: We are “freeform”, meaning that DJs are given the opportunity to program and plan their shows however they wish (without obscene material, of course). Every show is different– we have everything on air from Classical Indian music and death metal to pop-punk and shoegaze. Our primary expectation for DJs is that they are curious and eager to find music that can’t be found elsewhere on the dial. They should always challenge themselves to create interesting and innovative programming. 

Q: What does it take to be a DJ at WPRB?

A: Great question! This is what it takes to be a DJ:

  1. You LOVE music, and are excited about expanding your musical horizons and discovering new things. 
  2. Complete our DJ training– a two month process where you will learn the basics of DJ-ing, radio rules, shadow current WPRB DJs, and prove your commitment to becoming a DJ.
  3. Ability to commit to a weekly radio show in Princeton. 

Q: Can you tell me more about DJ Training?

Our DJ training program consists of 2-3 in person sessions, and several assignments designed to teach you about WPRB, like shadowing a show, or completing an album review. During our in person sessions, you’ll learn about FCC rules and regulations, the philosophy behind Freeform Radio and DJ-ing, how to explore new music, and much more. You’ll also learn practical skills like operating turntables, mixers, and other essential equipment.

The training culminates with our DJ test, and also opportunities to test out your skills on air during a late night, “graveyard” shift. After that, you’re fully trained, and you can apply for a show the next season!

DJ training is a serious commitment, but it is also extremely fun and educational. You’ll come out of it with new skills and new friends.

If you are interested in becoming a DJ, fill out the application HERE by June 17th:

Because we have a limited capacity to train new community DJs, we will be conducting interviews and accepting a select number of people for DJ training this season. You can expect to receive information about interviews before the end of June.

Please reach out to with any questions.