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4th edition of 1,033


What’s goin’ on (on) the airwaves

Read more about Solomon’s holiday marathon here
Marvin’s website, with more info about the upcoming marathon

DJ Stitching Pink Shares Her MAGICAL ~scrumptious~ Not-So-Secret Christmas Recipe

friendship lemon cake … YUM … could be the perfect thing to bake while listening to DJ Stitching Pink’s show 10am-12pm every Wednesday


WPRBasement Ceiling Destroyed (for the Greater Good?)

Here at WPRB, we see our studio as a sanctuary from the “real world”, where we can get lost between the vinyl shelves and shamelessly stick questionable posters on the wall. Crucial to this haven is the studio’s structural integrity; the walls and ceilings that keep our little basement oasis alive.

Yet we also value our DJ’s safety, so when it came to our attention that this section of the ceiling was poising a fire hazard by weighing down the sprinklers, we knew it was time to say goodbye.

So farewell to this particular chunk of ceiling…you have served us well. May the garbage bags carrying the pieces of you that remain end up in the best dumpster.

Want some good reggae? Look no farther

DJ Selecta Jerry (Sounds of the Caribbean, 3-6pm on Saturdays) has compiled his TOP REGGAE ALBUMS OF 2021. Brb, gonna go listen to all of these before New Year’s Eve…and probably into 2022…need help finding the album titles? try reverse google image searching…or leave it a mystery…

WPRB History

Note the presence of the Flipper fish graphic at the bottom of the schedule—an iconic emblem of WPRB’s aesthetic from that era. Click-thru to hear the band’s classic and eternal PRB fave “Sex Bomb” while you review the names of DJs from long ago…

Link to 1984 Spring Schedule

That’s all, folks!

See you around, fellow Triple Berry Blobbers.

Signed with the ~utmost~ sincerity,

Paige Cromley
WPRB Princeton

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