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Hey there!

Here comes….the 2nd edition of TBB – WPRB’s Periodic Listener Newsletter…

A busy time for the only busy station. LOTS of special programming going on! LOTS of planning going on! LOTS of new music!

Ramble on with me…

WPRBreaking News

What’s goin’ on at PRB


1) Automation hour songs now playlisted!

A long-requested feature! Tech wiz Carl has launched a new metadata project. Now, all songs played during WPRB’s traditional “automation”/robotDJ hours are being logged right on our playlists. Just check out and click on the program schedule to find out what was playing before “sentient humans” (allegedly) took over the airwaves

2) Tune-In now receiving song/artist info!

If you stream WPRB through Tune-In rather than, you should now be able to see the song title and artist right on Tune-In! Way to gooooo Carl 🙂 Same feature (but better) coming to WPRB’s native webstream very soon.

3) Streaming WPRB on Amazon devices…now fixed?

We heard from a lot of listeners that they weren’t able to stream WPRB through their Alexa-equipped spybots…After months of trading soul-sucking emails with various soul-sucking corporate entities, we have reason to believe that you should be able to stream WPRB through Alexa-equipped devices by saying “Play WPRB Princeton” or “Play Princeton radio”

Stream away, hopefully!

Still not working? Let us know by emailing 🙂


What’s goin’ on (on) the airwaves – A LOT!!!

Comin’ up…

They Are Gutting a Body Of Water (Philly Band!) – Interview + Guest DJ Set

12:00PM ET – Sunday, 08/08

The hottest shoegazin’ band this side of the Merrimack, TAGABOW joins DJ McSweden of Princeton Blue Ribbon (PBR) for a chat and guest DJ set. Big name to watch in the year’s ahead, their noisey-2019 release Destiny XL is one of the bumpiest, funnest, and all around greeattt releases of the last couple years

Listen to TAGABOW’s Destiny XL (2003)

Movietone (Bristol, UK – 1990s-early 2Ks) – Interview + Guest DJ Set

8:00 PM ET – Thursday, 8/12

A band which defies categorization born out of the rich “other Bristol” underground of the 1990s (a scene which includes Flying Saucer Attack, Crescent, Movietone, and others) Kate Wright of the band Movietone, Crescent, and 1000 Dawns talks to Dante of TRTRS about the scene, touring, and making music which surprises you in it’s chaotic, improvisational beauty. A truly great all-DIY-all-the-time musician whose styles bridge improvisational jazz, slowcore, and general DIYerism!

Listen to Movietone’s The Sand and the Stars (2003)

Jessica Bailiff (Toledo, OH – Kranky Records) – Interview + Guest DJ Set

8:00 PM ET – Thursday, 09/02

An influential name in the ever-influential Kranky catalog, Jessica Bailiff has been active since the 1990s making ethereal, droning, and utterly beautiful tracks. Having collaborated with musicians including Low’s Alan Sparhawk and Flying Saucer Attack’s David Pierce, her influence can be heard in the likes of Grouper (some consider Jessica Bailiff to be the “proto-Grouper”). Another true DIYer, Jessica talked to Dante of TRTRS about making music, where the future lies, and how she look back upon her earliest works.

Listen to Jessica Bailiff on Bandcamp

Recently aired….

Ill Nuovo Anormale – Obscure Italian Prog Rock

Aired originally Friday 08/06 – 7AM

Dave The Obscure digs deep into the catalog of Rock Progressivo Italiano ( RPI), presenting a 3 hour retrospective of this fertile prog rock subgenre that evolved in Italy in the early 1970s, but remains mostly unknown and unheard in the USA. You’ll hear music from the best of the over 400 bands that have unfairly dwelled in obscurity.


See full playlist here

Zach Phillips (of Fievel is Glauque, Blanche Blanche Blanche, Perfect Angels, OSR Tapes, and so much more…) – Interview + Guest DJ Set

In a special interview with Ameena of Clowntronics, the prolific and mind-melty Zach Philips discusses Uruguayan music, psychoanalysis, recording and creative processes. The show also features a special guest DJ set by Zach! Check out his most recently released album, Feed a Pigeon, Breed a Rat out on “la Loi” and the rest of his projects and collaborations.

Listen to archived show here!

Comin’ up, eventually…

Stabscotch (Pittsburgh) – Interview + Guest DJ Set

MONDAY DATE TBD – Stay tuned on WPRB social media!

An experimental rock band out the other big P in the big P (pitts…), Stabscotch makes music which looks like the wonderfully designed graphic right here. Stay tuned for debut date of this special interview with Catherine of Rosasolis Dream (Mondays 8-11PM)

Listen to Stabscotch on Bandcamp

Wednesday (Ashville, NC – Ordinal Records) – Interview

SUNDAY DATE TBD – Stay tuned on WPRB social media!

With their highly-anticipated sophomore album Twin Plagues coming out Orindal Records on August 13, 2021, Wednesday – a twangy, gazey 5 piece out of NC – will talk to DJ McSweden of Princeton Blue Ribbon. Their 2020 LP I Was Trying to Describe You To Someone was a PRB-fave for a very difficult year. Nostalgic, searching, and catchy tracks inspired by the likes of Swirlies

Buy Twin Plagues on Bandcamp



Schedule droppin’ sometime soonish 🙂

Mark your calendars


Events & stuff


Secret work-in-progress…a secret treat just for you, fine TBB subscriber – the future is HYBRID

Let’s just say….it has something to do with…………………..real radio broadcast stuff…..and dreams of a hybrid future (more info…soon)

WPRB History

Radio Striptease on “The Magic of Radio”

By Marc Fisher ’80, PRB ALUM

The Magic of Radio was a late-night, sometimes all-night, program that aired once a week from about 1977 to 1980. It was a mix of music, juvenile nonsense, brilliant satire and pathetically bad taste.

We tried to stay as close to the legal and moral edge as possible. We had a weatherman with a speech impediment that rendered him entirely incomprehensible. We had a substitute weatherman who was sentenced to stand at an (imaginary) outdoor phone booth in Kingston whenever there was significant snow or, his personal favorite, freezing rain. We had a sports reporter who never once made it on the air; he always seemed to be delayed at a bar across the street. The news was read by Gus Gil, whose booming voice made the acts of a New Jersey state magistrate seem like the coming of the Lord.


Read full article at WPRB History!

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