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1st edition of 1,033

Hey there!

This is Dante, the station manager of the only sentient radio station in the state of Nu Jazzy.

A lot of you told us that you wanted to hear from us more throughout the year – so we’ve decided to launch our very own PERIODIC NEWSLETTER: TRIPLE BERRY BLOB.

Some of what you can expect from TBB:

WPRBreaking News: What’s goin’ on at the station

WProgrammingRB: What’s goin’ to be played on the air – special interviews, shows, and more!

WPhenomenomRB: Events WPRB is going to be at, shows we’re hosting, upcoming merch, etc.~!

WPoetryaRtBooks: Coooool art, interviews, and more content that we’ve been cooking in our melty brains

WPRB History: old school PRB memories 🙂

LET’S GOOOO – First Edition of TBB

WPRBreaking News

What’s goin’ on at PRB

  • We’re hard at work on lots of behind-the-scenes projects to improve the station – including investigating a 2nd (!!) stream, investing in artist-centered content like interviews, and working to integrate our playlist data with all HD radios and online streaming!!
  • We just launched a listener newsletter! The one which is burning into your eclipse-damaged retina right now! Tell your friends!
  • We’re still operating on the cybernetic optical internet waves sans studio

WPRB Art Drive

Attention local artists, graphic designers, and creative weirdos!

Ever feel the urge to doodle while listening to your favorite radio program or sketch some wacky independent-radio-inspired effigy that could totally be the next WPRB mascot? Submit your WPRB inspired t-shirt and sticker designs for our Fall 2021 drive!

WPRB is accepting art submissions now through July 26th

Find out all the deets of the Art Drive here


What’s goin’ on (on) the airwaves

Interview & Guest DJ Set w/ Dusty Reske of Rocketship

Thursday 07/22 – 8PM

Their 1996 A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness is considered a cult classic – one of the best pop albums of the 1990s. Dusty Reske talks with Dante of the Right to Remain Silent (me) about how he got into making music, what he’s been working on lately, and his excellent 2019 album Thanks to You. A TRUE LEGEND you DON’T WANNA MISS!

Rocketship on Bandcamp

Interview w/ Adam Elk of The Mommyheads

Thursday 07/22 – 12PM

Adam Elk of the 80s-90s NYC-Based indie pop rock band The Mommyheads joins Esoterica of the Sonic Bloom for a chat about music and what they’re up to these days!

Interview w/ Tom Scharpling

Aired originally Thursday 06/30 – 6PM

Legendary comedian, DJ, writer, producer, music video director (and more!) joins Jon Solomon for an epic interview about Tom’s new memoir It Never Ends🙂

Listen to Archived Interview/Show

Interview & Guest DJ Set w/ Pat Flegel of Cindy Lee & Women

Aired originally Thursday 07/01 – 8PM

Their 2020 What’s Tonight to Eternity was the most played record at WPRB for the entire year! Pat Flegel talked to Dante of the Right to Remain Silent about topics ranging from their projects Cindy Lee to Kenneth Anger to the Apocalypse to Richard Harris’ McArthur Park. Listen to the show down below if you missed it 🙂

Listen to Archived Interview/Show

Lest we forget….

WPRB’s LABORWAVE – a day of freaky weirdo specialty radio – is comin’ in hot on 09/06/2021.

Make your calendars, fire up those air fryers, canvass the suburbs. A whole day of radio based on the deranged thematic inquiries of our DJs….it’s gonna be good…


Events & stuff

We were at the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market back in May! Thanks for everyone who came and said hi 🙂 We’ll be back!

WPRB History

WPRB via Three Inches of Putrid Water

By Scott Fulmer , PRB alum ’90

I remember a lot of failures. Failing to cue the right song, failing to turn on the mic, failing to read the weather report. Near-failing grades, too. Every DJ has nightmares of irrevocable failures and total chaos, only to wake up and be thankful that real mistakes are quickly lost in the atmosphere.

There were failed promotion stunts, like the rain of nerf balls dropped by the Raritan Valley Flying School over the live Communiversity broadcast on Nassau Street. The lucky person who returned a certain colored ball to Axel’s booth would have won a weekend to Florida, or something like that. However, the wind carried the balls away from the center of town. I don’t know if anyone claimed the prize….


Read full article at WPRB History!

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