Station Manager Letter to our listeners!

Fighting for independent radio, one drive at a time…

For 79 years, WPRB has been an independent music hero. We have fought many battles to keep independent radio alive and thriving. But we have not done this alone. Every year, we are aided by listeners everywhere who love and value what WPRB offers the world. Donations from listeners like you are the lifeblood of WPRB, for they enable us to bring you creative, unique, independent programming year-round. Last year we introduced the sustaining monthly pledge option for listeners who want to support WPRB in a consistent and dedicated way. Our monthly sustaining donors provide us the stability we need to plan for the future, and they are truly the backbone of WPRB.

This year will mark our second year with a 10-day membership drive, this time spanning April 22nd to May 1st. This means more time for special programming, more time to celebrate WPRB, and more time to donate! Our DJs will be putting together some of their craziest, most exciting programming of the year to knock your socks off and remind you what WPRB offers that you truly cannot find anywhere else. As a thank you for your donations, we have unique premiums featuring art designed by some of our dedicated listeners that can be yours before you know it. This year we have limited edition, never-before seen, T-shirts, caps, sweaters, pins, stickers and other items available only to our most dedicated listeners.

Not a day goes by where we are not tremendously thankful to our donors for inspiring and supporting us every year. Our ranks of sustaining donors, in particular, give us the financial confidence to take risks and plan big projects to bring more to our listeners than ever before. Fans of WPRB know that we provide something special that can’t be found in other media, and we appreciate the support and encouragement they give us every year.

You can sign up for a monthly recurring donantion or one-time pledge by visiting Or just call one of our volunteers at 609-258-1033. Regardless of your contribution, thank you for reading this, and thank you for listening.

All the best,

Michael Hill-Oliva
Station Manager, WPRB 103.3 FM