with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, April 21, 2004
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Comp
The Rub The Death of Pop Bikini Gospel The theme song you know and love...
The Charming Snakes Take Me Away 45 *
Cheap Trick He's a Whore The Essential... Later covered by Big Black.
Deniz Tek & Scott Morgan City Slang 3 Assassins Sonic Rendezvous Band cover, recorded live in Italy. *
Larsen Akin Rever
Isaac Hayes Run Fay Run Tough Guys soundtrack
Get Fucked Inside The 8lb. Dorm Fire S/T Called "Get Totally Doing It" on-air. *
Oxford Collapse For Buds, Not Boston Some Wilderness *
New York City Make Me Twice The Man Super Bad Is Back Oh, the audacity of this band name. C
Mike Condello Soggy Cereal Pebbles Vol. 3 C
The Avengers Uh-Oh The American In Me Alternate take. *
Juno A Thousand Motors Pressed Upon The Heart A Future Lived In Past Tense
Les Sequelles La Machine Et Tant Pis Si Cela Vous Deplait Translated: "Too bad if you don't like it."
Dragon City Live on WPRB 37:41
King Louie's One Man Band One Man Jesus Loves My One Man Band
Yunasi Yamala The Rough Guide to The Music Of Kenya * C
Spaceheads Shoot The Boss Round The Outside: Live in U.S.A.
Junior High Back Off Killer Of Friendships
The Eternals High Anxiety Out Of Proportion ex-Trenchmouth. *
Lickety Split Answers Volume Won
Dolomite State Line Road Easter Someday
Artanker Convoy Alaska (Cosmic Rocker Remix) 12" *
??? ??? How To Practice With Dictation Discs It is what it says it is.
Viento De Agua unplugged Quinto y Tumbador Materia Prima *
Creeps On Candy Gravity's Angel Wonders of Giardia
Kinski The Misprint In The Gutenberg Print Shop Don't Climb On & Take The Holy Water Live. Improvised. Woah. *