with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, March 31, 2004
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Request Comp
The Rub The Death Of Pop Bikini Gospel The theme song you know and love.
The Cuts Upside Down S/T *
Gilbert/Lewis Ends With The Sea 45 both of Wire.
The Lazy Cowgirls Time S/T
Cut Chemist Bunky's Pick Bunky's Pick
The Pupils Its Good To Have Met You S/T Asa & Dan of Lungfish.
Trapdoor Freaking Exit Return To Casketland Be Not Content *
White+Outs Lotto Maybe Chicago? * C
Esquerita Sweet Skinny Jenny Vintage Voola
Monoshock I Want It All Walk To The Fire epic.
Deep Six Stay Right There S/T
The Harry Patt Band Cruising Buford's Last Pusser Dig the Walking Tall reference.
Metal Boys New Malden Tokio Airport post-Metal Urbain. *
Entrance Live on WPRB 60:12 9/29/03.
The Flesh Eaters Impossible Crime No Questions Asked *
Get Smart! World Without End 45
The Go-Nuts Go-Nuts Theme 45 Viva Snak Rock!
Mission Of Burma Dead Pool Vs. Would sound better if performed by an a capella group. I'm just saying. R
"Smokin" Joe Frazier Try It Again Hits & Misses All songs about Muhammad Ali. Seriously. * C
Ill Replute Clean Cut American Kid The Best Of Rodney On The ROQ
Wastoid Devil Sign Hoags This is silly. * C
Jingo Fever Afro-Rock C
The Bedwells Karate Lost Treasures C
We Ragazzi Walking Before All Shadows Wolves With Pretty Lips Forthcoming.
Old Time Relijun Vampire Victim Lost Light *
Anastasia Screamed Tricked Into Feel Laughing Down The Limehouse I remembering enjoying this song a good deal in early 1991. Let's see how it stands up 13 years later...