with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, July 5, 2006
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
The Rub The Death Of Pop Bikini Gospel

Concert Calendar time.
The Husbands Tell Me Your Love Is Only Mine There's Nothing More I'd Like Than To See You Dead *
Spectrum Quiabo's Geracao Bendita From Brazil. 1971.
Kaada From Here On It Got Rough Music For Moviebikers *
Colossamite Is To Isn't All Lingo's Clamor
Espers Widow's Weed Espers II Is that a saw? *
Makale Raggattak Kingztanbul Turkish hip hop.
The Pop Group Beyond Good & Evil Kiss The Future A collection of Mark Stewart's new and old material. *
DC Snipers Soviet Union Missle Sunset
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness Better Strangers According To Plan *
Les Mogol Ilgaz Dances & Rhythms Of Turkey Of Yesterday & Today Also 1971.
Arro Gant Computer Music Toilet Bowl Ballads Solo material by a member of D.B.L.I.T.Y. *
Cosmic Psychos Custom Credit Down On The Farm Robbie "Rocket" Watts RIP.
Concentrick Behind The Trees Lucid Dreaming Tim Green solo record.
Brass Castle Freon Nights S/T *
Mod Fun Live on WPRB
Lyme Regis USA 7 Ex-FM Knives. *
Love Circus Live Forever S/T
Bardo Pond FCII Ticket Crystals *
Julian S Prcss I Grow "Fur" Elise I Grow Fur
Madlib Pyramids The Beat Konducta vol. 1 & 2 *
Curse Of The Golden Vampire United Snakes Of America Mass Destruction Members of Godflesh, Head Of David & God.
Bear Attack Yer Aim Is Accurate mp3 Live next week on this radio program.
Aids Wolf Some Sexual Drawings The Lovvers *
The Next Mr. Wonderful Make It Quick
Dead Meadow Hidden Track Feathers