with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, May 31, 2006
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Request Comp
The Rub The Death Of Pop Bikini Gospel

Concert Calendar time.
The Skinnies I'm A Dullard Kill The Beat
Desmond Dekker Fu Manchu Rockin' Steady RIP.
Oakley Hall Lazy Susan Gypsum Strings Second album this year by this excellent Brooklyn band. *
Void Who Are You? Faith Void Faith
Asiko Drums Of Asiko Fallin' Off The Reel Vol. 1 Funky. * C
Nominal Bond More T.M.I. 015 C
The Seconds Moving Kratitude *
Mountain High High School Was The Best 12" Split record with No-Fi Soul Rebellion. *
Pleased Youth Obedience School New Jersey's Got It? C
Sioux City Pete & The Beggars Necrophilia Necro Blues *
Glorious Strangers Move It Time New York Noise 2 With Wharton Tiers. C
Arcwelder White Elephant Captain Alien Volcano Suns cover.
Kenneth Patchen As I Opened The Window Reads With Jazz In Canada
Coachwhips I Don't Need You Double Death *
Mecca Normal Live on WPRB 32:11
The Lyres I Really Want You Right Now 12 Classic 45s 1983. * C
Tight Bros From Way Back When Because I Said So Lend You A Hand
Nice & Nasty 3 The Ultimate Rap Big Apple Rappin' * C
Del Rey Olympus Mons A Pyramid For The Living Forthcoming.
Thee More Shallows I Can't Get Next To You Monkey Vs. Shark Al Green cover. *
My Three Sons Starving Artist 45
The Dissimilars (Crushin' Up) Pills 45
Mondo Topless Louise Take It Slow Live next week on this radio show.
Exhibit A Fame & Fortune Messthetics Greatest Hits London, 1979. * C
Child Abuse Age Of Reason 45 Split single with Octis.
Hall/Ranaldo/Hooker The Mechanism Oasis Of Whispers Live in Buffalo. *
Children In Adult Jails House O Weenies mp3
The Union Of A Man And A Woman Grand Design The Sound Of...
Gito Gito Hustler Hyper Gito Gito Galore R
Om At Giza Conference Of The Birds *