with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, February 22, 2006
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Comp
The Rub The Death Of Pop Bikini Gospel The theme song you know and love...

Concert Calendar time.
Mudhoney On The Move Under A Billion Suns Ninth album. *
The Diplomats Hey Mr. Taxi Driver Here's A Heart
Man Man Tunneling Through The Guy Six Demon Bag *
Tim Maia E Necessario Baile Funk 2 Brazillian. 1977. C
Measles Mumps Rubella Hollow Bodies Fantastic Success Reminds me of 9353. *
Yesterday's New Quintet Paladium Angles Without Edges
Polysics Ceolakanth Is Android Now Is The Time! *
Japanther Furrs Is Gone Yer Living Grave *
The Everly Brothers T For Texas Roots 1968. Jimmie Rodgers song.
The Stooges Fun House Fun House (Take 3)
RDM Band Butter That Popcorn The Philly Sound Get Down "Funky Philly instrumentals." * C
Hasil Adkins Peanut Butter Rock & Roll Peanut Butter Rock & Roll
The Sword Lament For The Aurochs Age Of Winters Metal. *
Mountain High Live on WPRB 18:03
Kustomized Phantasmagoria, Now The Battle For Space
Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice Satya Sai Sweeetback Plays 'Oxblood Boots' The Flood *
Black Kali Ma Price We Pay You Ride The Pony (I'll Be The Bunny) With Gary Floyd.
National Trust Secrets Kings & Queens Neil Rosario and Mark Henning. *
Tara Key Long Trail Bourbon Country She of Antietam.
Anton Lavey Hello Central, Give Me No Man's Land Satan Takes A Holiday
King Louie One Man Band One Man Jesus Loves My One Man Band
US Funk Team Jeopardy You Can't Destroy What We Came To Save Live next week on this radio show. *
Brian & Chris Cusp S/T
Men's Recovery Project The Couch The Very Best Of... Originally released on "Grappling With The Hominoids." *
The Static Don't Let Me Stop You Songs '77-'79 Featuring Glenn Branca.
Brother JT Son Of Man Off Blue Everybody was somebody's baby once... *
Tone Texas Solidarity Six guitars, two drums. *