with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, September 28, 2005
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Comp
The Rub The Death Of Pop Bikini Gospel The theme song you know and love.

Concert Calendar time.
Annalise New Sound Here's To Hope *
Magwere Blind School Band Chinama African Acoustic "Guitar Songs from Tanzania, Zambia & Zaire." C
Sterling Untitled 2 S/T From Chicago.
Chris Leo The Difference Between This, That & The Other Thing White Pigeons The latest from this former Native Nod and Van Pelt member. *
Magnetics Count The Days The Northern Soul Of Chicago Vol. 2 C
Labradford Sliding Glass Dog So Large I Can Not See Past It C
Tar Mumper Handsome Can't get the image of John Mohr on a Slip'n'Slide out of my head.
The Instant Automatons People Laugh At Me Another Wasted Saturday Afternoon Could be WPRB's theme song! From 1980. *
Rex Lawson Bere Bote The Rough Guide To Highlife C
Leaky Untitled S/T
Glass Candy Sugar & Whitebread Iko Instrumental mix. *
Get Smart! World Without End 45 RIP Don Adams.
Felt Penelope Tree Absolute Classic Masterpieces
Asshole Parade Red Tape Say Goodbye Circle Jerks cover. *
Lee, Jae-Won Live on WPRB 29:45
Animals & Men Terraplane Fixation Revel In The Static "Demos & Singles 1979-1983." *
Gerty Farish Minute Vacations 45
Gang Wizard Everybody Has But One Chance To Be Beautiful April 2005 East Coast Cdr
Annie Hayden Swingin Party The Enemy Of Love Replacements cover. *
Veena Sahasrabuddhe Raga Kalavati One Thousand Minds Excerpt.
The Twin Atlas Wrap The Days Sun Township Lovely as always. *
Scared Of Chaka Cashed Out Masonic Youth
Mike Wexler Tropic Of Gemini S/T Live in three weeks on this radio show. *
Satan's Pilgrims Downshiftin' Around The World With... The Ree Gents cover.
Arizona Amp & Alternator Man On A String S/T Howe Gelb and Scout Niblett. *
Los Spitfires Ven Cerca Girls In The Garage Vol. 8 C
Oxes Untitled S/T *
Nassau String Band Married Woman Is A Secret Murderer Deep River Of Song: Bahamas 1935 Alan Lomax field recording. C
The Deadly Snakes Work Porcella *
Sham 69 If The Kids Are United 45 Used by Tony Blair to try and convey the Labour Party's spirit of unity. Crazy.
Mod Fun Nothing Can Be Everything Cd5 They're reunited. *
Double O Is It Better You've Lost
Steve Reich & Musicians Drumming - Part Four Live 1977 *