with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, September 21, 2005
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Request Comp
The Rub The Death Of Pop Bikini Gospel The theme song you know and love.

Concert Calendar time.
A-Frames Traction 45 *
Billy Butterfield/Andy Bartha That's A Plenty Take Me To The Land Of Jazz Live in Fort Lauderdale.
Evolution Control Committee Jessiematic Advenures In Modern Recording "A compilation of electronic musicians living in Columbus, OH." C
Jajaja Katz Rap Grlz From 1982. * C
Pitchblende Karoshi Au Jus
The Mebusas Son Of Mr Bull Dog Afro Baby Nigerian pop music. C
The Ex Long Live The Aged Singles. Period. The band's 1980-1990 singles, collected. *
Times New Viking Lion & Oil Dig Yourself Siltbreeze is back, baby! * R
The Contemporary Jazz Quintet Action #IV Actions They call it "living music." Recorded in 1966.
Articles Of Faith Everyman For Himself Give Thanks Good request. R
Jello Biafra with The Melvins Dawn Of The Locusts Sieg Howdy! Remixed by Dalek. *
The Nomads Some Other Crime Big Sound 2000 Swedish.
xbxrx Regret Sixth In Sixes *
Fan Of Friends Live on WPRB 36:25
Amy Pickard Cut From The Hopeless Up The Stairs And Through The Hall Giving away five copies of this two Cd set! * C
Peelander-Z Mad Tiger P-Bone Steak
The Orphans Death Of The Subject Everybody Loves You When You're Dead
Kraftwerk Metal On Metal Trans-Euro Express R
Each Other The Hoof Of The Engineer S/T *
1.6 Band Sticks To The Skin Broke Up
Karate Party Ball Game Black Helicopter 1997 recordings reissued. *
The Krontjong Devils Morpheous On Tour Dutch surf rock. Harmless.
Stevie Wonder Ain't That Asking For Trouble Up-Tight Everything's Alright I found this record lying on a sidewalk.
The National Secret Meeting Lit Up Remix *
Laddio Bolocko Y Toros The Life And Times Of... 18:00+
Rose 4 Bohdan Dinoraving Selections From Deathbomb Arc Vinyl Releases C
Calexico/Iron & Wine Sixteen, Maybe Less In The Reins Collaborative recording. *
Tom Verlaine A Future In Noise Dreamtime
Flying Luttenbachers The Ellimination Of Incompetence Airwaves For Your Hairwaves Live on WNUR. * C