heaven is hot like the tropics

with ameena

titostalgia in the restotheque

Thursday, February 27, 2020
20:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Comp
shonen knife tortoise brand pot scrubbing cleaner's theme shonen knife giant 1990
haco "start up" - "shut down" with human operation (vaio notebook) stereo bugscope 00 improvised music from japan 2004
shonen knife flying jelly attack shonen knife giant 1990
lightning bolt dead cowboy hypermagic mountain load 2005
haco bugfield 2 "no wave" - "sleep" - "wake up" with human operation (powerbook g4) stereo bugscope 00 improvised music from japan 2004
bojler uspavanka novi rock n/a 1981, yugoslavia C
after dinner kitchen life souvenir cassette fish prints 2019; recordings from late 1980s *
beverly tender leaky, omnipresent voice in the sewers. an instruction. a recipe? little curly/boy is a bird disposable america 2019
picky picnic aischu no melody (the setting sun in africa) ha! ha! tarachine ata tak 1985
cate le bon, group listening sad nudes here it comes again mexican summer 2019; five re-imagined tracks from "reward"
trixie's big red motorbike one nation under a brolly (demo) all day long in bliss lobby lud 2012 retrospective
bjork karvel i miss you (b side) one little indian 1997
mami chan obahan otonamopee saravah 1997
naomi elizabeth good times follow me a great record of 2008 s/r 2008
algebra suicide tuesday tastes good feminine squared dark entries 2013 (orig. 1982-85)
strawberry switchblicco since yesterday single s/r strawberry switchblade cover band from japan
lily & horn horse staring at the plants next to me ramp local 2017
alonso toro la escalera y el tornillo no me perdonan musicarte 1994, from venezuela
portable rock picnic beginnings solid 1990
rakta flor da pele falha comum iron lung 2019 *
paul desenne, alonso toro, pedro vasquez isiminaimanin alzheimer s/r 2001, also from venezuela
eliane radigue triptych part 1 triptych important 2009
dis fig unleash purge ptp 2019
cages d.i.e.? inside a ringing chord nancy jo 2018
leila bordreuil, michael foster wherever the organism discharges its internal rottenness the caustic ballads relative pitch 2016
drew mcdowall unnatural channel part 1 unnatural channel dais 2017
devil dirt death is knocking at my door 5 star limo 2019 *
throbbing gristle six six sixties 20 jazz funk greats industrial 1979
drew mcdowall unnatural channel part 2 unnatural channel dais 2017
the human league being boiled mutant pop 78/79 fast product 1980 C
pauk mumije mumije lazu suzy 1983, yugoslavia
eliane radigue triptych part 2 triptych important 2009