heaven is hot like the tropics

with ameena

Thursday, February 13, 2020
20:00 to 23:00
brutalist bounce
other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments New
chelsea wolfe dirt universe birth of violence sargent house 2019 *
svitlana nianio bez nazwy kytytsi koka 1999, ukranian but released in poland
kouhei matsunaga 7 self va. important 2010
de fabriek kleebat music for modern art exhibitions, volume two new bulwark 1982
peter ivers ain't that a kick becoming peter ivers rvng intl 2019 *
les rallizes denudes strung out deeper than the night france demo tapes odl 2018
charles the ballad of my face in your hands cactus milk s/r 2015
taeha tapes ibm model f xt mechanical keyboard sounds trunk 2019
faye wong duoluo (decadence) fuzao cinepoly 1996
les georges leningrads supa doopa sur les traces de black eskimo alien8 2004
glintshake nedolzh pol'za s/r 2018
picky picnic was ich haben will ha! ha! tarachine ata tak 1985
devo space girl blues hardcore devo vol. 1 1974-77 rykodisc 1990
nobukazu takemura mirrors in mirror child and magic wea 1997
ana roxanne in a small valley ~~~ leaving 2019
arto lindsay clown mundo civilizado bar/none 1997
the english beat the tears of a clown i just can't stop it sire 1980
cocteau twins fifty-fifty clown heaven or las vegas 4ad 1990
nobukazu takemura clown and crown child and magic wea 1997
plus instruments clowns aim for the center declaw ditties 2019
yip-yip candy dinner in the reptile house s.a.f. 2006
shonen knife when you sleep yellow loveless high fader 2013
cerberus shoal the ghosts are greedy the land we all believe in north east indie 2005
xper xr you don't have to say please whitehouse / you don't have to say please 7" rrr 1993
mars and dna gavanti samba john gavanti atavistic 1998
naomi elizabeth i have got your password smooth like power steering s/r 2013
bebi dol brazil 7" pgp rtb 1991
variete la dolce vita single edge 1986
drinks corner shops hippo lite drag city 2018
juiceboxxx luv anthem r u there god?? itz me juiceboxxx vicious pop 2005