don't back the front

with dana k

Friday, January 10, 2020
21:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Comments
desperate bicycles don't back the front 7" 1977
animals and men don't misbehave in the new age 7" 1979
blues lawyer something different something different 2019
disturbed i don't believe 7" 1979
devil's dykes fruitless vaultage 78 1978
the delinquents do you have a job for a girl like me? alien beach party 7" 1979
buffet lunch brief pause snap ep 2019
visitors moth messthetics #105 1979/2007
abwarts maschinenland amok koma 1980/2019
spizzenergi amnesia 7" 1979
soursob gizmo soursob EP 2019
fitness womxn easy new age record 2019
the inhuman we will build we will build 2019; recorded in 1983 in tucson AZ
pope paul pot plastic t.v. land on acid 7" 1981
tanks march of the slugs bongo congo 1981
flipper earthworm sf underground EP 1979
doof treat me like (the man i am) exist 1981
xv process s/t 2019
the tesco bombers hernando's hideaway 7" 1982
kizza ping den nya forst river man allt 2019 (recorded 1980s)
delta 5 now that you've gone 7" 1979
ya ya choral gee lately what's a quaver? 1983
blam blam blam there is no depression in new zealand 7" 1981
the victims perth is a culture shock s/t 2019 (orig. late 70s)
dangerous girls i don't want to eat with the family 7" 1979
sporten ar dod der weltcup s/t 2019/1981
article 58 event to come 7" 1981
reluctant stereotypes the rounds the lull 1979
the tights howard hughes 7" 1978
those helicopters flash bernadette south coast towns 1979
methodishca tune lfd 7" 1981
the decadent few there's a place messthetics #104 2007/1980
scritti politti hegemony work in progress 2nd peel session 1979