The Right to Remain Silent

with Dante

Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Duster Chocolate and Mint S/T muddguts My queens 2019
Poppies Mistakes Double Single S/T My queeeeens 2016
Duster Summer War S/T muddguts MY KINGS 2019
Bright Eyes Road to Joy I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning Saddle Creek 2005
Montage Georgie and Trumpie Daddi
Phil Ochs I Ain't Marching Anymore S/T Elektra Entertainment 1965
Main Time (Over Dub) Hydra-Calm Experimental 1993
Magik Markers 4 Live CD ??? ???
Scout Niblett In Love I Am Secretly Canadian 2003
Mahogany 1 The Dream of A Modern Day Burnt Hair 2000
Joe Christmas Dreaming for the Gold North to the Future Capitol Christian Music Group 1995
Summer Hymns Eating Bark Voice Brother & Sister Misra 2000
Lilys Elizabeth Color Wheel In the Presence of Nothing Frontier 2016
Magnapop Slowly, Slowly Hot Boxing Priority 1994
Joe Christmas Coupleskate Upstairs Overlooking Capitol Christian Music Group 1994
Negativland Melt the North Pole True False Seeland 2020 *
blair Day one Homies Blair. blair 2019
No Knife be Mini Drunk on the Moon goldenrod 1996
The Nightblooms Butterfly Girl S/T Seed 1993
Sean Henry You Fall Away A Jump From the High Dive DDW 2019
Really Big Pinecone Adult Really Really Big Pinecone S/T 2016
Lightning Bug I Looked Too Long October Song Fat Possum Records 2019
Antbrain Desert Love Song Glorious Prosperous S/T 2016
Highnoon Lens Semi Sweet Cicada Choir 2019
Nana Grizol Gave On Ruth Orange Twin Record Company 2010
Strawberry Runners Garden Hose In the Garden, In The Night Salinas 2017
Noggin Noise + Ballons are Like Archers + Goats S/T Trackshun Industries 1995
Maju 1 Maju 5 Extreme 2008
Magic Arrows Uptown Devils Sweet Heavenly Angel of Death Wobbly Head 2009
Cat Power American Flag Moon Pix Matador 1998