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with TB

Monday, January 6, 2020
20:30 to 22:30
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Artist Song Album Label Comments Comp
Kraftwerk pineapple symphony ralf and florian 1975
Miles davis Chocolate CHip doo-bop
Dinosaur L Clean on your bean #1 24-24 music
hi-tension theres a reason s/t
Konk Elephant live at CBGB
Defunkt avoid the funk avoid the funk 1988
Miles davis KAtio/time after time youre under arrest
LIZZY MERCIER DESCLOUX bim bam boum mambo nassau
*** **** *****
TOm tom club Atsababy! close to the bone
Heaven 17 play to win penthouse and pavement 1982
Masacre Legs killing time 1981
kitchens and the plastic spoons Blatta screasm to god 80-82
skeleton crew it fine learn to talk
Yu he wonders why singles
Glaxo babie its irrational dream interupted
Massacre not the person we knew killing tme 1981
Suburban lawns Baby Baby ep
Sarasvati O.S.I Japanese new wave, post punk, gothic C
**** **** ****
Koos In detention s/t
Bpeople MPCD s/t ep
Shimmer Crystal listerine s/t 2017
Essential Logic Quality crayon wax OK fanfare in the garden
Julie Ruin tania s/t 1998
Le Tigre friendship station s/t 2000
Algreba Suicide tuseday tastes good femininte squared dark entries
*** **** ****
##### FANNY B TIME ######
Frumpies weird machine babies and bunnies 1993
Albert King Look out Live wire: blues power 1968
John Mayall's Bluesbreakers A hard road A hard road 1967
Spider and the webs Mister hypnotist 7"
Slant 6 thirty thirty vision 7" 1993
Jimi Hendrix Red House Hendrix in the west 1972
*** *** ***
Eric clapton and the yard byrds take it eas ybaby live w/ sonny boy williamson
cold cold hearts broken teeth 7"
bratmobile kiss & ride kiss & ride
Downtown boys corra s/t 7"
Frumpies be good babies and bunnies
Eric clapton i cant hold out 461 ocean boulevard
John Mayall's Bluesbreakers the same way A hard road
Ruben and the jets any way the wind blows mothers of invention
cold cold hearts Youre so sweet 7"