Life, Uh, Finds a Way

with deirdre dionysiac

Baby Lounge from The Baby Lounge

Tuesday, December 3, 2019
11:00 to 14:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
LARRY POLANSKY #14: Kid Canon Four Voice Canons Cold Blue Music 2002, Hanover, CT.
+ luigi malatesta plancton v emr-06 emr ????, Italy.
LABRADFORD P Mi Media Naranja Kranky 1997, Richmond, VA.
LUIS PANIAGUA Principio Planeo La Fabrica Magnetica 1991, Spain.
LOU HARRISON La Koro Sutro: Kunsonoro Kaj Gloro La Koro Sutro New Albion 1988, Portland, OR.
LEWIS BALOUE We Danced All Night Romantic Times Light in the Attic 1985/2014, Canada.
+ LAURA ALLAN WITH PAUL HORN Waterfall Reflections Unity Records 1980, US.
LEONA BASS WITH THE LOST GUITARS I Want to Marry an Egghead I Want to Marry an Egghead Lorida Records 1958, US.
LALO KÉBA DRAMÉ Mansane Cisse Lalo Kéba Dramé et sa cora Bellot Records ????/2015, Senegal.
LULI E LUCINHA Ai, Ai... Luli e Lucinha Nos La Em Casa 1978, Brazil.

[BREAK] LIGHTWAVE, "Modular Experiment A1" (1987, France).
LATOSEGRETO Avvento Doppio Senso Self-Released 1986, Italy.
LUIE LUIE A Touch of Light Touchy Toxic Toast Records 1974/2019, Southern CA.
LACHEN J Flaubears Dancing Music for the Dying Forest Bauta Records 1985, Sweden.
LOOK DE BOUK Le p'tit patissier Bec et ongles Ayaa 1990, France.
LINDSAY COOPER Torn Away Music for Other Occasions No Man's Land 1986, UK.
LOL COXHILL B Movie Prelude "Home Produce" (split w/ Eyeless in Gaza) Tago Mago 1982, France.
LIMBUS 3 Valiha New-Atlantis - Cosmic Music Experience CPM 1969, Germany.
LÉONIE Lennon Lennon / Lilith Les disques motors 1972, France.
LA MAISON DU JARDINIER Body Love La maison du jardinier Igloo 1980, Belgium.
LASZLO HORTOBAGYI Jah-Indollah The Arcadian Collection Erdenklang 1994, Hungary.
LIPELIS Weirdshit Xu Paelk Lipelis Edits L.I.E.S. Records 2015, Moscow.
+ larry wendt how to cook a duck new and slightly used text-sound compositions self-released 1977, Napa, CA.
LETOV, SUCHILIN AND PILLAYEV Finale Palma Mira Ethbo 1999/2019, Russia.

[BREAK] LARS HOLLMER "180 sekunder hemma" & LUIS FERNANDEZ & ORCHESTRA, "fairy land"
SLAVA TSUKERMAN, BRENDA HUTCHINSON & CLIVE SMITH Margaret's Childhood Theme Liquid Sky - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Varese Sarabande 1983, New York.
LES LEVINE Hereditary Language Artsounds Collection Philips 1986, Ireland/US.
LAIKA Marimba Song Silver Apples of the Moon Too Pure 1994, UK.
LOS MICROWAVES Reckless Dialogue Life After Breakfast Dark Entries 1981/2013, California.
LARS-GUNNAR BODIN On Speaking Terms II: Poem No. 5 The Pioneers: Five Text-Sound Artists Phono Suecia 1992 (rec. 1986), Sweden.
LILY GREENHAM Traffic Lingual Music Paradigm Discs 2007, UK.
+ laszlo bencker flopped floppy lady robot sonoton 1986, Germany.
FRANKIE MANN I Was a Hero From the Mayan Debutante Revue Lovely Little Records Lovely Music, Ltd. 1980, US.
+ the loop orchestra radiophony not overtly orchestral quecksilber 2004, Germany.
LYDIA TOMKIW From the Place Everyone Avoided Incorporated Widely Distributed Records 1995, Chicago.
LYDIA LUNCH This Side of Nowhere 13.13 Ruby Records 1982, New York.

[BREAK] LEVEN SIGNS, "La Luna" (1985, UK).
LADY LEVI Jimmy in the Valley Funky Reggae Crew (Strictly Hip-Hop Reggae Fusion) Warner Bros. (uh, finds a way...) 1989, US.
THE LO YO YO I Can Hold My Own Hand Extra Weapons Floppy Discs 1985, UK.
LIZZY MERCIER DESCLOUX Wawa Press Color ZE Records 1979, New York.
LATA RAMASAR Hiway Xpress The Greatest Name That Lives K.D.R. Records 1980, Trinidad & Tobago.
KISSOON RAMASAR FAMILY Central Tempo Dance Time with the Kissoon Ramasar Family K.D.R. Records ????, Trinidad & Tobago.
LLWYBR LLAETHOG Llandub Mad! Ankst 1996, North Wales.
LOUI$ Pink Footpath Magic Dance Blow Up Disco 1985, Italy.

[BREAK] LALO SCHIFRIN, "Amityville Frenzy" (1979, Argentina)
[end credits] LEDA Stardust Welcome to Joyland Metronome 1978, Germany.