The Right to Remain Silent

with Dante

Artist Song Album Label Comments
The United States of America The American Metaphysical Circus S/T Sony 1968
Donald Trump Freedom American MAGA Beto 2020
Duster Copernicus Crater Single muddguts 2019
Secret Mommy The Experience Hawaii 5.0 S/R 2004
Yellowfront Cool Breeze S/T S/R 2018
Surfer Rosie Nerves Single S/R 2017
Cat Clyde All The Black Single Cinematic Music Group 2019
The Innocence Mission On Your Side Single S/R 2019
Seeded Plain Pepper Weevils Spill Containment Eh? 2016
Secret Square I love J.S. S/T Elephant 6 1995
Pseud Friendly Cities Canary in a Coalmine S/R 2018
Doffing Reps Tower of Ten Thousand Miles S/R 2018
Uncle Wiggly Ded Jump Back, Baby S/R 1996
Sounddd sound sound s/r Every day of my entire fucking life
Tel Aviv I Am Particular The Shape of Fiction Teen-Beat 1996
Songs: Ohia The Black Crow The Lioness secretly canadian 2000
Seam Decatur Headsparks ???? 1992