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Monday, November 4, 2019
20:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Request Comp
senri kawaguchi see you much later/ all this love buena vista 2014
Akiko Yano Angler's summer love life 1993
Sadistics On the seashore the best 1980
Hidenori Shoji, Haruyoshi Tomita and Sakae Osum Desert Super Monkey Ball OST 2001
T-SQUARE Night Cruise PARADISE 2015
Kazumi Totaka Baseball (Results) Wii sports OST 2006
Soichi Terada Kung-fu alley Ape escape 3 OST 2012
Etienne Daho, Elli Mederios Me Manquer Me Manquer 1996
Donna Regina, Wilp Close up - wilp mix Michealangelo in space 2000 C
Steely Dan My Rival Gaucho 1980
Soichi Terada Genie Dancer's rock Ape escape 3 OST 2012
Merl Saunders, Jerry Garcia Welcome to the basement Well matched: The best of 2006
King Crimson satori in tangeir Beat 1981
Chick Corea Elektricc Band Tale of daring chapter 4 Inside out 1990
Kazumi Totaka Boxing (Results) Wii sports OST 2006
Eugene Khutoryansky Intrinsic Curvature and Singularities Youtube channel 2019
Soichi Terada Results AE3/ Catch Monkeys! Ape escape 3 OST 2012
Chick Corea Elektricc Band Rumble/ Silver Temple s/t 1986
**** ***** ****
David Wise, Eveline Fischer, Robin Beanland couple songs Donkey Kong Country OST 1994
Gabriel Gundacker Wii Volleyball unofficial wii sports soundtrack 2017 R
Kazumi Totaka Tennis (Results) Wii sports OST 2006
Soichi Terada Dragon Kung-fu fighter Ape escape 3 OST 2012
Maxwell Implosion, Astro Chillberto Silky Stockings- astro chillberto mix Michealangelo in space 2000 C
yellow magic orchestra 1000 knives BGM 1981
Cate la bon Mother's Mother's Magazines reward 2019 *
Cristina quicksand lovers sleep it offf 1984
Akiko Yano ???? Tadaima 1981
Soichi Terada Hide n seek forest/ bootown 2 Ape escape 3 OST 2012
Tsukasa Tawada Semifinal Battle Pokemon Colleseum OST 2003
**** **** ****
Cabaret Voltaire Walls of Kyoto Hai! 1982, live in japan
section 25 Loose talk (costs lives) Always now 1981
Chris & Cosey Voodo Heartbeat 1981
Chris & cosey Gardens of the pure Songs of love & lust 1984
Throbbing Gristle Don't do as your told, do as you think Heathen Earth: the live sound of 1980
Nurse with wound Ernest needs a kidney(live studio jam) Second Pirate session 1998
Alan Vega Psychopatha Station 2007
Big Black Passing Complexion Atomizer 1986
13 Skidoo Coup Coup ep 1983