don't back the front

with dana k

Friday, November 1, 2019
21:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
the clean end of my dream anthology 1983/2002
the verlaines death and the maiden juvenilia 1987
the vaselines lovecraft enter the vaselines 1989/2009
the dentists ugly naked 1991
heavenly atta girl p.u.n.k girl 1993
the field mice you're kidding aren't you snowball 1989
the haywains bythsea road get happy with the haywains 1991
twa toots don't send me flowers 7" 1991
jeanines too late / in the house jeanines 2019
the motorcycle boy room at the top big rock candy mountain 1987
the springfields reach for the stars 7" 1991
unrest isabel imperial f.f.r.r 1992
razorcuts sorry to embarrass you 7" 1986
sindy arthur i've got something good pluralism D 1987
comet gain the girl with melted mind had a fear of the open door fireraisers, forever 2019
the golden dawn my secret world 7" 1988
the jasmine minks mr. magic 7" 1984
vomit launch heart of darkness of 1990
program enquiries show me 2019
linton and stewart looking for a stranger on the shore 7" 2015
belle and sebastian safety valve days of the bagnold summer 2019 *
the tubs silver moon bandcamp 2019
the wake gruesome castle something that no one else could bring 1987
small factory what to want i do not love you 1993
bleached i get what i need don't you think you've had enough 2019 *
false tracks psyops either world 2019
roxy girls keep your head above water a poverty of attention 2019
bubblegum lemonade our mother's house our mother's house ep 2019
eggs it's hard to be an egg bruiser 1992