brutalist bounce

with ameena

make it clang. make it fizz.

Friday, October 25, 2019
21:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Label New
holly herndon crawler proto 4ad *
clipping. piano burning there existed an addiction to blood sub pop *
haco "cd writing" - "shut down" with human operation (powerbook g4) stereo bugscope 00 s/r
haco motor and lcd sound from digital audio recorder with running tape stereo bugscope 00 s/r
alexandra atnif abandon your cities rhythmic brutalism vol. 1 em
merzbow part 3 merzbear important music
kompleks revijski orkestar rtb - po sumama i gorama [kompleks edit] kompleks yu edits vol. 4 s/r
kompleks kristalno plavo - ni jedan do sad [kompleks edit] kompleks yu edits vol. 3 s/r
v/a too much ginger musee mechanique presents: the zalinsky collection vol. 1 musee mechanique
charles one spring evening one spring evening s/r
arto lindsay seu pai cuidado madame northern spy
pharmakon no natural order contact sacred bones
merzbow/kim cascone rondo rondo / 7 phases / blowback subrosa
after dinner after dinner souvenir cassette fish prints
after dinner glass tube souvenir cassette fish prints
zonal wrecked wrecked relapse *
algebra suicide tuesday tastes good feminine squared dark entries
clipping. club down there existed an addiction to blood sub pop *