The Right to Remain Silent

with Dante

Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
Alela Diane The Way We Fall About Farewell Rusted Blue Records 2013
Deaton Christ Anthony (feat. Clairo, Coco & Clair Clair) RACECAR Single S/r 2019, we stan a clairo queeeeen R
Akron/Family The Alps & Their Orange Evergreen Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free Dead Oceans 2009
Auva One Last Time All Good Things Lunar Ruins 2018
Patient Hands Stasis Single S/R 2019
Yohuna Find a Quiet Place Mirroring Orchid Tapes 2019
Sun June NYC Younger Keeled Scales 2019
Blumoon Just Begun (Hollywood) Slow Burn Legacy Productions 2019
Hope Tala Lovestained Sensitive Soul Globe Town Records 2019
Coma Cinema Caroline, Please Kill Me Blue Suicide Fork and Spoon 2011
Human Barbie We Disappeared Single Poor Man Records 2019
Pale Regard Appel D'air Single Mcbees 2019
Corridor Domino Single Sub Pop 2019
Fog Lake New York Single S/R 2019
So Totally Pluto In the Shape Of... S/R 2019 *
Boyscott Embarrassingly Enough Goose Bumps Pizza Tape 2015
TV People Healthier Single TV People Records 2019
Kali Krone Bear Master I Don't Want to Die in Cap Hill S/R 2019
Rosing Beige Oblivion Single Spider City 2019
Dream Phases Frightened Man Single Yes Plz Music 2019
Cape Weather Big Time Big Time Yes Plz Music 2019
Laundrette Southerndown Single S/R 2019
Derek Senn How Could a Man Single S/r 2019
Emilie Kahn Island Outro S/R 2019
Slowdive When the Sun Hits Souvlaki 2019
Secret American Warmth & Shelter Warmth & Shelter S/R 2019
Sorry Twinkle Single S/R 2018
Woozles Trail of My Blood Kidz Bopz vol. 666 S/r 2019
Tara Wander S/Single S/R 2019