Scratchy Vinyl

with Tim

closing up shop for the winter

Saturday, September 7, 2019
19:00 to 21:00
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Artist Song Album Label New Request
nebula giant charged sub pop
nebula beyond charged Sub Pop
kazyak contravertical odyssey self released *
toebow towbow theme themes imaginator records *
golden daze sentimental mind Simpatico autumn tone *
mannequin pussy patience Patience Epitaph *
black midi 953 sclagenheim rough trade *
bleached heartbeat away dont you think youve had enough dead oceans *
Spirit Crush nm riffer danger colletive
The National you had your soul with you i am easy to find 4ad *
the who young man blues live at leeds mca
mooney suzuki a young mans mind Electric sweat gammon
replacements bastards of young replacements /
hold steady stay positive stay positive vagrant
doves last broadcast / /
the doors summers almost gone waiting for the sun Electra
mountain theme from imaginary western greatest hits Windfall
tommy james and shondells ball of fire great hits anthology /
monty python radio quiz and various other bits previous record charisma
the m's intro the ms majestic recordsing
m83 * before the dawn heals us mute
turn me on dead man child of the sunburst pyramid technicolour mother galaxy groove
turn me on dead man killer sound waves from space god bless the electric freak /
all natural lemon and lime flavors you can never tell turning into small gern bladstern
veldt revolutionary sister / /
chambers brothers time has come today time has come today columbia
ken nordine flibberty jib how are things in your town blue thumb
ten years after here they come a space in time /
mr fm poem 1 mr fm mr fms kitchen
zagar and evans in the year 2525 / /
mr fm poem 2 mr fm mr fm kitchen
pete holmes it makes no sense / /
pete holmes not afraid / /
8 bit philosophy is god useful / /
carl sagan glorious dawn / /
hearty white the reason wfmu wfmu
spock Spock dies star trek /
mr fm tiny purple fishes poem 3 mr fm mr fms kitchen- self released
neil drasse tyson mind blowing space / /
robbie robertson Cherokee morning song / /
8 bit philosophy does science = truth / /
bob and ray public service / /
cbs 1970 broadcast from Vietnam / /
country joe and the fish fixin to die rag / /
network mad as hell scene / /
viet nam charlie company part 1 vietnam charlie company part 1 / /
the doors (speech excerpt ) march 1 1969 /
kellies heroes odd ball a hero is not a sandwich / /
john lennon truth power to the people hits /
shut up wierdo remix shut up wierdo billy jam remix /
negitiveland richard nixon died today / /
christmas richard nixon ulta prohets of the psykick revolution /
ken nordine reaching in how are things in your town blue thumb
moody blues in the beginning threshold of a dream /
firesign theater electric sun waiting for the electrician /
timothy leary you can be anyone this time around you can be anyone this time around /
monkees porpoise song head Rhino R
les jaguares gutire jet / /
vice barons fuzzy and wild / /
monty python england 1747 and other bits previous record Charisma
frank zappa central scrutinizer joes garage /
plunderphonics margo inter / /
alan watts music and life / /
swedeson trump vs talking heads / /
plunder phonics sushi dart scene / /
negitiveland hiccups / /
go home productions carpenters vs wonderwall / /
alan watts you are a miracle / /
national lampoon detorata / /
negitiveland yellow black and rectangular / /
negative land Michael jackson / /
billy jam suw vs trump / /
steinski television its up to you /
okko a day in the life sitair and electonics /
association the machine greatest hits /
steinski the motorcade sped on / /
moody blues higher and higher to our childerns childern childern threshold
ken nordine hello transparent mask ashodel
ken nordine olive colors ashodel
moody blues i never thought i d live to be a millon to our children children children threshold
starrs the best abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz northernspy
moody blues i never thought id live to be one hundred - beyond (instrumental) to our children children children threshold
quantum physics audio / /
all night radio spirit stereo frequency spirit stereo frequency sub pop
turing machne bleach it black zwei french kiss
shocking blue acka raga at home /
judy tenuta various bits buy this pigs Electra