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with TB

rotten meat!!!!!

Thursday, September 5, 2019
20:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
UZeda Deep blue sea Quocumque Jeceris Stabit 2019 *
Child pornography heckin ts.r. ba.u.s/O , O the beatles 2004
Chinese stars the fastest horse yet/arson hotline turbo matress
six finger satellite Parlour games severe exposure
j.o.y. sunplus(DFA remix) DFA Compilation #2 dfa C
a crtain ratio my spirit To Each...
Masacre bones killing time
six finger satellite laughing larry the pigeon is the most popular bird
**** **** ****
Masacre lost causes/not the person we knew killing time
public image ltd. This is not a love song this is what you want... this is what you get.
Birthday Party a dead song live 81-82 4AD 1999 ( recorded 1981-1982)
bite like a kitty look around catapault
liquid liqdui bell head DFA Compilation #2 dfa C
A Certain Ratio loss To Each... 1981
Eurythmics Sing-sing in the garden 1981
*** **** ****
Scars the lady in the car with glsses on and a gun author! athou! 1981
bite like a kitty machine age s/t catapault 1986
Masacre Legs Killing time 1981
Lithics Seven People Borrowed Floors 2016
Birthing hips Internet urge to merge 2017
Big Black pete,king of all detectives headache ep 1987
Shellac rush job Terraformer 1998
New Fries Mary poppins pocket more 2016
Rapeman up beat Two Nuns and a Pack Mule 1988 R
six finger satellite Side B clone theory 1996
Mudhoney touch me im sick Superfuzz Bigmuff 1986? R
L7 Moonshine The beauty process:tripple platinum 1997 R
**** **** ****
Child pornography blackbpas the beatles 2006
lil pocketknife ADD pants control 2004
The Intelligence the universe dirtrap across the northwest 2003 C
Larajji I can only bloss out (f'days) vision songs vol. 1 2018 (org. 1980s)
Ciccone youth Burnin' up (mike watt original demo) the whitey album 1988
Beth Israel tommy boy dental denial 2014 *
Free Kitten Erected girl Inherit 2008
*** *** ***
sun ra twin stars of thence lanquitity 1978
john coltrane lover come back to me Coltrane '58: The Prestige Recordings (Sampler) 2019 *
Steve Lehman Trio & Craig Taborn Ih Calam & Ynnus The People I Love 2019 *
Miles davis Maishya get up with it 1974