the last days of man on earth

with dana k

Monday, September 2, 2019
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Comments
the urinals last days of man on earth negative capability...check it out! 1996 (orig. 1978)
king missile the story of willy the way to salvation 1991
the cool greenhouse the end of the world london 7" 2018
spanish dogs atomic shockwaves meet the spanish dogs 1981
time zone world destruction world destruction 1984
david bowie five years the rise and fall of ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars 1972
elvis costello waiting for the end of the world my aim is true 1977
the molesters the end of civilisation 7" 1979
artless we want nuclear war split 7" 1983
crap detectors i want to survive the nuclear war 7" 1983; lincoln, NE
french vanilla anti-aging global warming s/t 2017
the avengers the end of the world died for your sins 1999
chrome armageddon 3rd from the sun 1982
the residents nineteen-ninety-nine dot com 2000
wah! seven minutes to midnight nah=poo - the art of bluff 1981
klaus nomi total eclipse s/t 1981
kate bush breathing never for ever 1980
bunny wailer armagideon (armagedon) blackheart man 1976
tom waits the earth died screaming bone machine 1992
funkadelic wars of armageddon maggot brain 1971
clive hylton judgment day 7" 1976
young marble giants final day 7" 1980