Music With Space

with Michael Hunter

Music for the space between your left and right ears

Friday, July 26, 2019
23:00 to 03:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
David Luxton Monolith After the Epoch Wayfarer Records 23:03:48
In Quantum Anno MMLXXIV Memory 417 Cryo Chamber 23:10:06
Palancar Hidden Variables Scarab Self Release 23:15:36
Dronny Darko & RNGMNN Sector Hydra Sector Hydra Cryo Chamber 23:26:09
God Body Disconnect Where our Ghosts Disappear The Mist Between the Mirrors Cryo Chamber 23:35:59
Markus Reuter Iapetus Monde, Vol. 3 Iapetus Media 23:44:21
Sonologyst Orient Out of Tune Phantoms Unexplained Sounds Group 23:57:05
Tangerine Dream Victoria Palace Concert, Part 1 and 2 In Search Of Hades (The Virgin Recordings 1973-1979) UMC 00:03:49
Lingua Lustra Breeze Triquetra Databloem 01:18:31
Phurpa Fundamental Mantra of Bon Trowo Phurnag Ceremony Sketis Music 01:26:21
Franck Martin Sleepless in Glasgow Binary Trees Self Release 01:33:35
Doug Lynner Evolution Number Nine Modular Tonalism Self Release 01:36:20
In The Branches + Bluetech Opening In Time Behind the Sky Behind The Sky Music 01:42:23
Evan Marc Skyline Emotional Ecology PsyBooty 01:50:33
Karl Fury from the West Live at Event Horizon and Cosmic Crossings Self Release 01:57:08
BECUZZI - LYKE WAKE - NOISEDELIK - SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS - UNCODIFIED Black Dawn Rising A Poisonous, Black & White Iridescence Across Dangerously Amorphous Urban Landscapes SwissDarkNights 02:02:52
Bvdub & Loscil Aether Erebus Glacial Movements 02:10:19
Mark Van Hoen Instable Invisible Threads Touch 02:23:29
Driftmachine Ambler Colliding Contours Umor Rex 02:26:58
Aux Field Drain Dub Imaginable Layers Umor Rex 02:33:24
Stellardrone Light Years Light Years Energostatic Records 02:38:46
Niyaz Arezou Niyaz Six Degrees 02:44:41
Earlyguard Measures Textures of the Subconcious Self Release 02:47:43
Andrew Belling The Story Begins / Scortch 3000 Years Later / Fairy Hookers / Peace Goes Forth / Peace In The Valley Of Montagar Wizards Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LA-LA Land Records 02:56:38