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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
Anne Laplantine & Momus Go Fishing Willy Summerisle Analog Baroque
Scott Walker A Lover Loves The Drift 4AD 2006; 13th studio album. Walker composed the songs for the album slowly over the decade after the release of 1995's Tilt
Leonard Cohen Who By Fire New Skin for the Old Ceremony Columbia 1974; 4th studio album
Roy Harper Hors d'Oeuvres Stormcock Harvest 1971
Slapp Happy Slow Moon's Rose Acnalbasac Noom Recommended Records 1980; Faust was the backing band on this album. Recorded in 1973 but not released until 1980.
mu-Ziq The Fear Remix The Fear EP Astralwerks 1999; mu-Ziq, AKA: u-Ziq, is English electronic musician Michael Paradinas
Felt Down An August Path Me and a Monkey On The Moon el 1989; 10th & final album
Baby Dee Safe Inside The Day Safe Inside The Day Drag City 2008; 3rd studio album; American performance artist, multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter from Cleveland
Tom Waits I'm Still Here Alice ANTI- 2002; 14th studio album
The Beatles Sun King Abbey Road Apple 1969
Laurie Spiegel A Harmonic Algorithm (ver. 1981) Obsolete Systems Electronic Music Foundation 2001 retrospective
Robert Wyatt Stay Tuned Comicopera Domino 2007
The Who Imagine A Man The Who By Numbers MCA 1975; 7th studio album
Queen Innuendo Innuendo Parlophone 1991 R
Marianne Faithfull, Hugo Munday, Mark Bleeke, Peter Becker and Wilbur Pauley Zorn The Seven Deadly Sins BMG 1998; Performing songs from the 1933 Kurt Weill satirical opera of the same name
Sylvie Courvoisier with Michel Godard and Pierre Charial Y2K Ocre Enja 2000; Swiss-born composer, pianist and improviser who is a founder member of Mephista, an improvising trio with Ikue Mori and Susie Ibarra
Michael Mantler Viele Haben Keine Sprache Many Have No Speech Watt/ECM 1988; Austrian avant-garde jazz trumpeter and composer. This album features Jack Bruce, Marianne Faithfull, Robert Wyatt, Rick Fenn, the Danish Radio Concert Orchestra; with words by Samuel Beckett, Ernst Meister, and Philippe Soupault
Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes La Parole Est A La Victime La Deboussole Philips 1980; French experimental folk and avant garde performer. Her band Alpes consisted of herself and guitarist Patrice Moullet.
Genesis Keep It Dark Abacab Charisma 1981; 11th studio album; describes a man who has been to the future and has seen a bright, happy world where everyone is filled with joy, cities are filled with light, with no fear of war, and all exploitation has ceased as all creatures have happier lives. Once he returns, however, he is pressured to lie about the incident (i.e., to "keep it dark"). Instead he claims that he was kidnapped by thieves who wanted to take his money
Cheer-Accident The Day After I Never Met You Introducing Lemon Skin Graft Records 2003
Make a Rising Transmutation Infinite Ellipse & Head With Open Fontanel High Two 2008; Philly
Szun Waves High Szun New Hymn to Freedom The Leaf Label 2019; Laurence Pike of PVT on drums, Jack Wylie of portico quartet on sax, and electronic producer Luke Abbott constitute this British trio that delves into experimental jazz, ambient psychedelia and electronic music. *
Catherine Jauniaux Doresc Trei Babys Fluvial Woof Records 1983
Krakatoa Accelerations We Are the Rowboats Cuneiform 2003
Sugar Belly Shake Up Adina Gravikords Whirlies & Pyrophones Ellipsis Arts a Jamaican mento musician in the mid 20th century whose music was distinctive for his use of a homemade bamboo saxophone, as well as the bamboo fife. Mento is a style of Jamaican folk music that predates and has greatly influenced ska and reggae music. It is a fusion of African rhythmic elements and European elements, which reached his peak popularity in the 1940s and 1950s. Mento typically features acoustic instruments, such as acoustic guitar, banjo, hand drums, and the rhumba box — a large mbira in the shape of a box that can be sat on while played. The rhumba box carries the bass part of the music. Mento is often confused with calypso, a musical form from Trinidad and Tobago. Although the two share many similarities, they are separate and distinct musical forms. During the mid-20th century, mento was conflated with calypso, and mento was frequently referred to as calypso, kalypso and mento calypso. C
King Missile I'm Open They Shimmy Disc
The Go-Betweens The Girl, Black Girl 1978-1990
Pavement Summer Babe [Winter Version] Slanted & Enchanted Matador 1992; Debut
Desperate Bicycles Smokescreen Smokescreen / Handlebars Refill Records 1977; "It was easy, it was cheap, go and do it"
Belle & Sebastian Electric Renaissance Tigermilk Electric Honey 1996; Debut
Morrissey Sing Your Life Kill Uncle 1991; 2nd solo studio album. "you have a lovely singy"
Charles Trenet La Mer Songs Of Charles Trenet Columbia 1950
Carla Bley Funnybird Song Tropic Appetites Watt / ECM 1974; Produced by Michael Mantler. The lyrics are contributed by Bley's friend Paul Haines, based on his journeys to Southeast Asia in the preceding years. Unlike on the orchestral Escalator, the band is an octet, with Julie Tippetts as lead vocalist
Scr-tum Poles Helicopter Honeymoon Revelation EP One Tone 1980; punk band based in Tayside, Scotland
Sparks Whippings and Apologies A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing Bearsville 1973; 2nd studio album
Slapp Happy/Henry Cow Strayed Desperate Straights Virgin 1975; collaboration that led to "In Praise of Learning"
Angel Corpus Christi Caroline Says Louie Louie Gulcher songs of Lou Reed
Elizabeth Cotten Shake Sugaree Shake Sugaree Smithsonian Folkways American blues and folk musician, singer, and songwriter.
Joan Armatrading Drop The Pilot The Key A&M 1980
Magnetic Fields Take Ecstasy With Me Holiday Merge 1993