with ameena

Saturday, March 9, 2019
07:00 to 10:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
shonen knife cycling is fun yama no attchan giant 1990
kate bush wuthering heights the kick inside emi/capitol 1977
carla dal forno what you gonna do now? you know what it's like blackest ever black 2017
buffalo daughter daisy the legend of the yellow buffalo grand royal lemony hard rock candy 7"
the sugarcubes birthday (icelandic version) birthday 12" one little indian 1987
some bizarre don't be afraid don't be afraid 12" dark entries originally released in 1983
skinny puppy smothered hope s/t capitol 1984
kiki hitomi yume no hana karma no kusari jahtari splattered blue 12"
talking heads once in a lifetime remain in light sire 1982
sleater-kinney call the doctor call the doctor chainsaw 1996
liz phair nashville whip smart matador marshmallow 12"
shelly thunder working girl working girl ep mango 1990
lizzy mercier descloux wawa press color ze originally released in 1979
shelly thunder kuff kuff single witty 1988
cocteau twins quisquose aikea-guinea ep 4ad 1991
pj harvey oh my lover dry too pure 1992
smashing pumpkins geek u.s.a. siamese dream virgin 1993
cannanes frightening thing frightening thing 7" k 1998
ecstasy of st. theresa fluidum fluidtrance centauri free 1993, prague
slowdive machine gun souvlaki creation 1993
heaven's gate company line woman at night dull tools maraschino cherry 12"
duran duran save a prayer rio emi/capitol 1982
the muffs big mouth the muffs 7" warner bros. 1993
midori takada + masahiko satoh monody lunar cruise wrwtfww originally released in 1990
ice cream cathedral an armful of rubies the drowsy kingdom s/r 2013
slowdive brighter just for a day creation 1991
diamanda galas you must be certain of the devil you must be certain of the devil mute 1988
talking heads no compassion talking heads 77 sire 1982
golden teacher love first three eps s/r 2016
from nursery to misery phoenix dragon pixies in the woods dark entries recorded 1988-91
wicked witch under your spell under your spell 2 x 12"ep em 2016
flying d.j. marilyn @ 33rpm marilyn dark entries originally released in 1985
dzeltenie pastnieki nevaru saprast ta neko lentu gabalini dark entries originally released in 1981-87
7fo sou ryu no nukegara em 2018
buffalo daughter big wednesday socks, drugs, and rock and roll grand royal 1997
bezier imperial tranz-am primes ep dark entries 2017
my bloody valentine soon glider ep creation 1990