These Vibes Are Too Cosmic

with Brian & Chris

The Science Poetry Show

Tuesday, February 26, 2019
18:00 to 20:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
Jeff Snyder Happy Swing TVR2C Theme S/R 2016, Maine
Liz Cooper and the Stampede Dalai Lama Window Flowers Sleepyhead 2018, Tennessee *
Alpinekat Large Hadron Rap Youtube S/R 2008

All About the LHC and the CMS Detector
Harpooner Printed Boxes Speed 7" Noseworthy 2014, Tennessee
PeeWee Herman Show End Credits Youtube ? ? R
Dandy Warhols Scientist Welcome To The Monkey House Capitol 2002

Interview w/ Chris Smiet, Pt. 1: Science Poetry to Condense Complicated Ideas; Keith Moffet's Poems
Tom Lehrer Poisoning Pigeons in the Park Live Youtube

Interview w/ Chris Smiet, Pt. 2: Lyricism and Thesis Poems
Les Horribles Cernettes Collider Single Youtube 2007 or earlier

Interview w/ Chris Smiet, Pt. 3: The Start of the Internet and James Clerk Maxwell
Acapella Science / Tim Blais The Molecular Shape of You Youtube Channel S/R 2017
Holy Cross Choir Ha Ba Tshela Jordane The Rough Guide to South African Gospel Rough Guides 2003

African American Physicists: Robert Ellis, Shirley Jackson, and Sylvester Gates
Alison McMorland & Geordie McIntyre Rowan in the Rock The Rough Guide to Scottish Music Rough Guides 2003

A Reading on Steel-Reinforced Concrete from Mark Miodownik's "Stuff Matters"