These Vibes Are Too Cosmic

with Brian, Lili & Anne

The Rat-Human FEAR Show

Tuesday, January 15, 2019
18:00 to 20:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Jeff Snyder Happy Swing TVR2C Theme S/R 2016, Maine
The Bluebeats Why Not Dance with me Moon Ska NYC 1996, Ronkonkama, NY
Gilberto Rodriguez y Los Intocables Navegando Verano Sabor Maracuya Desnuda Discos Pistolas 2018, Oakland, CA *

Show Intro!
Bobby McFerrin I Feel Good The Voice Elektra 1984, Kohn, Germany
Kroncong Batawi Jasli Jali Kroncong Asli Street Music of Java Original 1989, Indonesia

New Horizons' New Year at Ultima Thule, Snowman of the Outer Solar System
Revolutionary Ensemble March 4-1 Revolutionary Ensemble Inner City 1978

Interview w/ Lili Cai and Anne Mennen, Pt. 1: Strengthening or Weakening Fearful Memories
L. Subramaniam The Funeral Procession Salaam Bombay! DRG 1999, India

Interview w/ Lili Cai and Anne Mennen, Pt. 2: How We Look Inside Rodent/Human Brains
David Buddin Canticle IV Canticles UGexplode 2012

Interview w/ Lili Cai and Anne Mennen, Pt. 3: Experiments on Remembering and Forgetting
The Ornette Coleman Quartet R.P.D.D. Ornette Atlantic Jazzlore 1986