Scrape the Mucus Off Your Brain!

with Sarah

Thursday, November 8, 2018
14:00 to 17:00
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Artist Song Album New
Cosmic Psychos Back at School Blokes you can trust
Angry Red Planet Slice o' life little pigs, little pigs
Bangles Going down to liverpool All Over the Place
Hammerhead American Rampage Ethereal Killer
Detention Rt 35 South Noise
Angst Time to Understand Cry for Happy
Beat Happening/Screaming Trees Polly Penguin Beat Happening/Screaming Trees
Heaven 17 That's No lie How Men Are
The Gun Club Bill Bailey Mother Juno
Davenport Stringent Big Ticket Plus
total circular temple here time is space
Television Personalities paradise is for the blessed Privilege
Varg Spit sugar free red bull into my mouth Nordic Flora Series Pt 5: Crush
The Zoomies Freak at the Greek Exist
Felicia Atkinson A House A Dance A Poem Hand in Hand
Goat std New Games *
Mouthus Trough Loam
En Attendant Ana This could be Lost and Found
The Spies Egyptian Bird Song The Battle of Bosworth Terrace
Moral Crux Cosmetic Rebellion I was a teenage teenager
RTFO bandwagon Skipper Bunkum Dums will survive
Dessau Unshakable Remix Mad Dog
Tiger Trap Puzzle Pieces Tiger Trap
Teddy Fire The Adventures of Glasseyed Pentop Clock Fluxing Headset
Saralee Lead the fire Saralee
Savant Stationary Dance Artificial Dance
A House You're too young Zop
Panda Bear Part of the Math A Day with the Homies