Music With Space

with Michael Hunter

Music for the space between your left and right ears

Friday, July 6, 2018
23:00 to 03:00
Electronic, Drone, Ambient & Avant-Garde
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
Klangwelt Reve Mecanique The Incident Spheric Music 23:00:00
Arjen Schat Nephos Tritonian Shores Self Release 23:11:35
Earlyguard Zeitenwende Part 3 Zeitenwende Self Release 23:47:59
Council of Nine Time is Running Out Exit Earth Cryo Chamber 00:28:21
Dronny Darko Numinous Black Hive Cryo Chamber 00:33:26
Helios Ebb/Flow Remembrance Self Release 00:40:12
Henri Pousseur Seismogrammes, Part 1 Early Experimental Electronic Music 1954 - 1961 Sub Rosa 00:45:21
Henri Pousseur Seismogrammes, Part 2 Early Experimental Electronic Music 1954 - 1961 Sub Rosa 00:48:06
Ugasanie & Xerxes the Dark Creatures of the Depths Abysmal Cryo Chamber 00:51:23
Airsculture Travelling Light Travelling Light Self Release 01:04:09
The Quantum Erasure Experiment 4-7-2018 Live on Music With Space Unreleased Unreleased 02:02:11