These Vibes Are Too Cosmic

with Brian & Stevie

The Fringe Science Show

Tuesday, January 2, 2018
18:00 to 20:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Jeff Snyder Happy Swing TVR2C Theme S/R 2016, Maine
Grand Zero Null & Voild-Preview New Konservativ God Mountain 1997, New York

Intro and Local Science Events
MHYSA You Not About that Lyfe fantasii Halcyon Veil 2017 *
Country Jim Phillipine Blues Rural Blues: Goin' Up the Country Imperial 1970

Science News: Asteroid Death, Afghan Archaeology and Saving the Bats
Ali Akbar Khan Raga Manj Khammaj Ragas Manj Khammaj and Misra Mand Connoisseur 1973, India

Interview w/ Michael Gordin, Pt. 1: PEAR, World Collisions and Fringe Science
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown Pressure Cooker Genuine Houserockin' Music II Alligator 1987
Orquesta Los Embajadores con Camilo Azuquita Shingalin en Panama Panama! 3 Sound Way 2010, Pana
Sherwoods (Broken Hearts Are) Cheaper By The Dozen Philly Soul Girls Benn-X 1960s, Philadelphia

Interview w/ Michael Gordin, Pt. 2: Cultishness, When Pseudoscience is Damaging, and the Hippies
Jeff Snyder These Vibes Outro TVR2C Theme S/R 2016, Maine
The Microscopic Septet PJ in the 60s The Micros Play the Blues Cuneiform 2017, New York *