These Vibes Are Too Cosmic

with Stevie & Brian

The Zebrafish Asymmetry Show

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
18:00 to 20:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
Jeff Snyder Happy Swing TVR2C Theme S/R 2016, Maine
The Trio Bulgarka Sluntse Zaide The Forest is Crying Hannibal 1988, Bulgaria

Intro and Science Events
Lowbrow Hey Now (I Know) Cinco Anos! Trance 1995
Henri Pousseur Scambi An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music / First Sub Rosa 1957, Belgium

The Great LIGO-Virgo Discovery of a Neutron Star Collision
Unknown Khmer Loeu Cambodia Traditional Music Ethnic Folkways 1979, Cambodia

Interview w/ Jason McSheene, Pt. 1: Organ Development in Zebrafish
The John Kirby Sextet Blues Petit Biggest Little Band in the Land Classic Jazz 1976, New York

Interview w/ Jason McSheene, Pt. 2: Manipulating Proteins and Communicating Science
Human Rights human Rights Viva Azania SST 1987

Interview w/ Jason McSheene, Pt. 3: Medical Writing and How Science Helps Careers