These Vibes Are Too Cosmic

with Stevie & Brian

The Supernova-in-Real-Time Show

Tuesday, August 15, 2017
18:00 to 20:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Jeff Snyder Happy Swing TVR2C Theme S/R 2016, Maine
White Come Come Rise The Broken Bird EP Revolver 1992

Show Intro!
The Woolenmen West Coast Dog Years Dog's Table 2013, Pacific Northwest
Midnight Express Danger Zone People's Potential Family Album People's Potential United 1983, USA
Bluetip 52 Girls Touring Japan Time Bomb 1998, Washington DC

Science Events, chiefly, the Eclipse!
Silkworm Insider You Got Lucky: A Tribute to Tom Petty Backyard 1994
The Talbot Brothers of Bermuda Bermuda's Still Paradise Calypsos Polydor 1957, Bermuda
Grigoris Mathioudakis Little Swallow Vocal Music in Crete Smithsonian Folkways 1979, Crete

Supernovae, Standard Candles and the Food-Chain-Reversing Regal Jumping Spider
Moses Asch Jazz Drumming African and Afro-American Drums Folkways 1954, USA
Frustrations Next World Transmission from the Ether X! 2016, Detroit
Wobbly 19999 Party Like It's Only $19.99 Evolution Controlled Creations 1999, Ohio

Stem Cell Cures to Baldness and 3D-Printed Acoustic Levitation
Facit Farval Portmonna Mandag Mon Amour Waving Hands 2016, Sweden
Ernesto Guerra y su Conjunto La Sicodelica Taquachito Nights Smithsonian Folkways 1999, Mexico
Charly Bliss Gatorade Guppy Barsuk 2017, New York *
Psychic Teens Come Come SRA 2015, Philadelphia

Hallucinations and Acceptance and Gene Editing
Europa Sentir tu Cuerpo La Ultima Emocion Dark Entries 2011, Spain