Classical Discoveries

with Marvin Rosen

A Celebration of Lou Harrison's 100th birthday

Composer Piece Ensemble/
Conductor Soloist/
Castellano, Jennifer The Castle at Sunrise (opening section) Jennifer Castellano, piano 5:30
Harrison, Lou Estampie from Suite for Symphonic Strings The Louisville Orchestra, Robert Whitney, conductor First Edition Music - FECD-0014 5:31
Harrison, Lou Serenade for Guitar (with optional percussion) David Tanenbaum, guitar, William Winant, percussion New Albion Records - NA123 5:35
Harrison, Lou The Open Road Eos Ensemble, Jobnathan Sheffer, conductor Catalyst - 68751-2 5:48
Harrison, Lou Ariadne Leta Miller, flute, William Winant, percussion Musicmasters - NND 60241X 5:53
Harrison, Lou Sonata from "A Summerfield Set" Nohema Fernandez, piano Musicmasters - NND 60241X 6:02
Harrison, Lou Concerto for Pipa with String Orchestra Wu Man, pipa, The New Professionas Orchestra, london, Rebecca Miller, conductor Mode - 140 6:08
Harrison, Lou In Memory of Victor Jowers Rebecca Van de Ven, English Horn, Jennifer Cass, harp Kleos Classics - KL 5141 6:37
Harrison, Lou Suite for Violin, Piano & Small Orchestra Anahid Ajemian, violin, Maro Ajemian, piano, Leopold Stokowski and His Orchestra CRI - CD 836 6:42
Harrison, Lou Elegy, to the Memory of Calvin Simmons California Symphony, Barry Jekowsky, conductor with oboist William Banovetz Argo - 455 590-2 7:01
Harrison, Lou Concerto in Slendro Antoniio Nunez, violin, Basel Percussion Ensemble, Paul Sacher, conductor Pan Classics - 510 103 7:06
Harrison, Lou Suite for Violin with String Orchestra Maria Bachman, violin, New Zealand Symphony, James Sederes, conductor Koch International Classics - 3-7465-2 7:16
Harrison, Lou A Waltz for Evelyn Hinrichsen Eric Moe, piano Albany Records - TROY689 7:38
Harrison, Lou 'A Waltz for Evelyn Hinrichsen" from Symphony No. Three Cabrillo Music Festival Orchestra, Denis russell Davies, conductor Musicmasters - 7073-2 7:41
Harrison, Lou Six Sonatas Ralph Kirkpatrick, harpsichord Music & Arts - CD-977 7:44
Harrison, Lou Music for Violin with Various Instruments - European, Asian & African David Abel, violin, William Winant, Chinese drums, Julie Steinberg, reed organ, Jennifer Cass, psaltery, all performers also perform on the mbira, Gordon Smith, mbira New Albion Records - NA 122 7:53
Harrison, Lou Little Suite for Piano Sahan Arzruni, piano New World Records - 80590-2 8:08
Harrison, Lou Symphony No. 2 (Elegiac) American Composers Orchestra, Dennis Russell Davies, conductor Musicmasters - MMD 60204K 8:12
Harrison, Lou Concerto for the Violin with Percussion Orchestra Janna Lower, violin, Cntinuum Percussion Quartet, David Colson, percussion, Richard Brown, conductor New World Records - NW 382-2 8:47
Harrison, Lou Mass (to St. Anthony) for chorus, trumpet, harp and strings Oregon Repertory Singers & Chasmber Orchestra, Gilbert Seeley, conductor, Koch International Classics - 3-7177-2 9:11
Harrison, Lou///Cage, John Double Music Post-Classical Ensemble, Angel Gil-Ordonez, conductor Naxos - 8559825 9:37
Harrison, Lou La Koro Sutro Providence Singers, Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Gil Rose, conductor BMOP/sound - 1037 9:46
Harrison, Lou Suite for cello and harp Karen Gottlieb, harp, Dan Reiter, cello Innova - 927 10:16
Harrison, Lou Concerto for Organ with Percussion Orchestra Paul Jacobs, organ, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor San Francisco Symphony - 0056-2 10:30
Harrison, Lou Lotus from Pacifika Rondo for and orchestra of Western and Oriental Instruments Oakland Youth Symphony, Robert Hughes, conductor Phoenix - 118 10:57