with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, July 15, 2015
19:00 to 22:30
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Artist Song Album Comments Request Comp
The Rub The Death Of Pop Bikini Gospel
Silkworm Cotton Girl Libertine Re-air of a July 20, 2005 radio show. For Michael, John and Doug.
Silkworm A Cockfight Of Feelings Italian Platinum
Silkworm Slow Burn L'ajre
Silkworm Dremate In The West
Silkworm The Lure Of Beauty Firewater
Silkworm "Don't Look Back" It'll Be Cool
Silkworm Never Met A Man I Didn't Like (Clean Edit) New School / Old School
Silkworm Grotto Of Miracles (Alternate Take) Couldn't You Wait?
Silkworm I Must Pianner / I Must Prepare 7"
Silkworm & Seam I Found That Essence Rare .mp3 Gang Of Four cover.
Silkworm Slave Wages Lifestyle
Silkworm Scrawl L'ajre
Silkworm Scruffy Tumor Marco Collins Sessions
Silkworm Into The Woods 7"
Silkworm Cotton Girl Libertine
Silkworm Ice Station Zebra Developer
Silkworm That's All There Is You Are Dignified Nina Nastasia song.
Silkworm Tarnished Angel Firewater
Silkworm Merry Christmas The My Pal God Holiday Record C
Silkworm Empty Elevator Shaft Blueblood R
Silkworm Pearl Harbor His Absence Is A Blessing
Silkworm Couldn't You Wait? Libertine R
The Crust Brothers Bitch Marquee Mark Rolling Stones cover. Live.
Silkworm That's Entertainment Lifestyle
Silkworm Slipstream 7"
Silkworm On The Road, One More Time 45
Silkworm (I Hope U) Don't Survive Italian Platinum
Silkworm Garden City Blues In The West R
Silkworm Quicksand Firewater R
Silkworm Yen + Janet Forever Libertine R
Silkworm Something Hyper It'll Be Cool R
Silkworm Dead Animals Pet Sounds Volume One - A Benefit For Alter R C
Silkworm Sheep Wait For Wolf Developer R
Silkworm The Grand Tour New School / Old School George Jones song.
Silkworm St. Patrick's Day L'ajre
Silkworm Treat The New Guy Right Lifestyle
Silkworm Raised By Tigers In The West
Silkworm Insider You Got Lucky Tom Petty cover. R
Silkworm Severance Pay Firewater
Silkworm Give Me Some Skin Developer
Silkworm Dirty Air Italian Platinum
Silkworm There Is A Party In Warsaw Tonight Libertine
Silkworm Ooh La La Lifestyle Faces song.