Classical Discoveries

with Marvin Rosen

Artist Song Album Label Comments
Castellano, Jennifer Marvin Goes Avant-Garde (opening section) musique concrete 11:00
Didkovsky, Nick Flykiller Nick Didkovsky, guitar CRI - 11:01
Pinkston, Russell TaleSpin for piano and prerecorded sounds Jade Simmons, piano E1 Entertainment - 11:05
Bathory-Kitsz, Dennis "Air" for harp and percussion Katie Buckley, harp, Frank Aarnink, prcussion, Arni Gudjonsson and Erla Dora Vogler, voices and whistling private 11:15
Austin, Elizabeth Symphony No. 2, "Lighthouse" The Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, Joel Eric Suben, conductor Capstone Records - 11:31
Babbitt, Milton Partitions Robert Helps, piano CRI - 11:58
Marshall, Ingram September Canons Todd Reynolds, violin, with electronic processing New World Records - 12:01
Erb, Donald Quintet Voices of Change, Donald Erb, conductor CRI - 12:16
Toub, David Piece for Electronic Organ and Bongo Drums David Toub, electronic Organ, Glenn Freeman, Bongo Drums OgreOgress - 12:25
Eaton, John Concert Piece for Syn-Ket and Symphony Orchestra John Eaton, Syn-ket, Dallas symphony Orchestra, donald Johanos, conductor Electronic Music Foundation - 12:44
Cage, John Fads and Fancies in the Academy Giancarlo Simonacci, piano, Ars Ludi Percussion Ensemble Brilliant Classics - 13:02
Shatin, Judith For the Birds for amplified cello and electronics Madeleine Shapiro, cello Albany Records - 13:21
Muhl, Erica Tremor Lynn Vartan, percussion Albany Records - 13:36
Beglarian, Eve FlamingO Ensemble conducted by Brad Ludman New World Records - 13:44