Classical Discoveries Goes Avant-Garde

with Marvin Rosen

Artist Song Album Label Comments
Castellano, Jennifer Marvin Goes Avant-Garde (opening section) musique concrete 11:00
Rathburn, Eldon Junction Eldon Rathburn, Jew's harps Crystal Records - 11:01
Tutev, Georgi Metamorphoses for 13 Stringed Instruments Tolbouhin Chamber Orchestra, Yordan Dafov, conductor Gega New - 11:09
Schnebel, Dieter Stucke for string quartet Diotima Quartet Neos - 11:20
Vierk, Lois V Timberline The Relache Ensemble OO Discs - 11:23
Neuman, Israel Turnarounds for horn and mixed media Jeffrey Agrell, horn MSR Classics 11:40
Janulyte, Juste Psalms Francesco Dillon, cello Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre - 11:49
Mellits, Marc Dreadlocked Mellits Consort Black Box - 12:04
Lansky, Paul Travel Diary Meeham/Perkins Duo (Todd Meehan and Doug Perkins, percussion) Bridge Records - 12:13
Eckardt, Jason 16 for amplified flute and string trio Claire Chase, amplified flute, International Contemporary Ensemble Mode Records - 12:34
Lindberg, Magnus Corrente II Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Jukka-Pekka Saraste, conductor Ondine - 12:48
Repeckaite, Justina Chartres St Christopher Chamber Orchestra, Donatas Katkus, conductor Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre - 13:08
Tulve, Helena Sula Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Toomas Vavilov, conductor Estonian Radio 13:18
Shimanuki, Michiko The Dreams and the Pendulum London New Wind Ensemble, Alan Tomlinson, conductor, Ian Mitichell, piano ablaze records - 13:39
Kirkland Snider, Sarah Pale as Centuries Now Ensemble New Amsterdam Records - 13:54