with Jon Solomon

no left channel radio!

Wednesday, February 4, 2004
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Request Comp
The Rub The Death Of Pop Bikini Gospel The theme song you know and love.
Coachwhips Dancefloor, Bathroom Bangers vs. Lovemakers *
Killdozer Nasty 45 Janet Jackson cover.
Multitude Of The Slothful I'm A Bowl Of Fruit Split single with Gut
Betty Harris Break In The Road Saturday Night Fish Fry C
Hoover Distant The Lurid Traversal Of Route 7
??? Oya O Owo Kode Oya Be Wa Lo Havana & Matanzas, Cuba, Ca. 1957 field recordings. * C
Sludgeworth Anytime 45
Columbian Neckties She's On My Radar Greaseball Melodrama * C
The Michelle Gun Elephant Jenny Gear Blues
The Blowtops Voodoo Alley 45
John Cena Basic Thugonomics WWE Originals Word life. C
Army Of Pooch Wellington, Ohio ...So Many You Could Never Win
Automatic Head Detonator Desolation Row What Do You Know? Bob Dylan cover.
Tactics National Health Beyond The Southern Cross C
Cynthia G. Mason Live on WPRB   28:48
Hulk Smash Fudge Glutton Hoags C
Stiff Little Fingers At The Edge Peel Sessions R
Eyeball Skeleton The Bouncing Apes Cd5 Requested by a four-year-old. * R
Telegraph Melts Heilgeschichte und Weltgeschichte 45
Schliemer K She's Gone The Wonderful World Of Glass Vol. One C
??? UFO Gamelan Night Recordings From Bali * C
Battalion Of Saints Cops Are Out Death-R-Us
Cordalene Ghost S/T Live next week on my show.
Magic Hour Heads Down (Part 2) 45 R
The Legendary Johnny Burnette Rock n Roll Trio Rock Therepy S/T
Mars Tunnel The Complete Studio Recordings *
Emperor Thus Spake The Nightspirit Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk
Jonathan Richman The New Teller Chartbusters C
The Flaming Lips Unconsiously Screamin' 12" R
Wasted Youth We're On Heroin Eastern Front C
Baby Washington Leave Me Alone Itchy, Twitchy Feelings C
Psychic TV Unclean Better An Old Demon Than A New God C
The King Cobra March On Pompeii S/T Tara Jane O'Neill & Rachel Carn *
Cecil Augusta Stop All The Buses Alan Lomax Blues Songbook C
King Snake Roost My Zippo Dope, Guns and Making Love In The Streets Vol. 1-3 C
Johnboy New Jersey Roadbase Pistolswing R
Bantam Rooster Man Of Wealth And Taste Deal Me In