with Jon Solomon

Happy Hanukkah!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments Comp
The Rub The Death Of Pop Bikini Gospel
Emotional I Wanna Be Your Dradle Gnartivity Scene Happy Hanukkah!
The Fun Sluts A Holiday For The Jews Fun Sluts Christmas
Abraham Dreidel Rap '89 Cassette
Amanda Duncan Light Those Candles Bright .mp3
Meshugga Beach Party Shalom Alechem Twenty Songs Of The Chosen Surfer
Black Tape For A Blue Girl Chanukkah, Oh Chanukkah Excelsis Vol. 1: A Dark Noel C
Mothguts Hava Negila / Dradle Xmas
The Memories Have A Merry Christmas (And A Happy Hanukkah Too) Burger Records Holiday Mix C
Angry Snowmans Hanukkah S/T An Adolescents song, revamped.
Dubb Nubb Hanukkah At Home A Very Bert Dax Christmas, Volume Nine C
DJ Flack O Chanukah Dubstep Bassline Remix Menorah Mashups C
Chasia Segal Latke Cooking Demonstation A Taste Of Chanukah C
Willie Bernstein Dreidel Song .mp3
H83R & Kent Rockafeller Ma'oz Tzur Intelligent Christmas Music C
Jingle Punx Chanukah It's What I've Got In My Sack
The Goblins Ha-Ha-Hannukah The My Pal God Holiday Record C
Electric Menorah O Chanuqa Bush Chanucore
DJ Flack Dreidl-Bells Menorah Mashups C
Sufjan Stevens Maoz Tzur Silver & Gold
The Bitter Tears Hanukkah .mp3
Herman Dune Hannukah In Florida .mp3
Calamity Jane Hannakuh Song It's Finally Christmas C
The Mountain Goats Give Your Mom Some Pie For Hanukkah Ha-Ha-Hanukkah
The Manischefits Hanukkah .mp3 In the style of The Misfits' "Halloween."
Beck Little Drum Machine Boy Just Say Noel C
Woodie Guthrie Hanukkah Dance Hard Travelin'
LeeVees How Do You Spell Channukkahh? Hanukkah Rocks
Patients Dreidle Dreidle Dreidle Light Bulb Issue 3 Christmas Cassette 1977 C
N E One Happy Hannukah .mp3 Indebted to Wesley Willis.
Gumdrop Alley It's All Hanukkah From Here On In I Made It Out Of Clay C
Franklin Hannukah, Oh Chanukkah Gift Wrapped, Vol II: Snowed In C
Hip Hop Hoodios Ocho Kandelikas Celebrate Hip Hop
Tom Lehrer Hannukah In Santa Monica The Remains of Tom Lehrer
The Feud Hannukah Cdr
Phranc Hannukah Snowman Kill Rock Stars Winter Holiday Record C
Fountains Of Wayne Chanukah Under The Stars Out-Of-State Plates
Grape Soda Rock Of Ages Kindercore Presents: Xmas IV...and Hanukkah! C
Pudie Tadow Get Your Dreidel On Swallow My Eggnog C
Yidcore Maoz Tzur / The Dreidel Song The Great Chicken Soup Caper
Gods Of Fire Hanukkah Gone Metal Hanukkah Gone Metal
Ella Jenkins Harmonica For Hanukkah Holiday Times C
Blammos Chanukah With A C It's Christmas Everywhere (Except In My Heart)
Gypsyphonic Disko Gypsyphonic Dreidel Song (featuring Katey Red) .mp3
Ray Brenner & Barry E. Blitzer Shut Up, Irving Have A Jewish Christmas?
Lothars Jingle Bells, Dreidel Song .mp3
Eric Metronome Hanukkah Girl I Made It Out Of Clay C
Hxlly's Wxrld Explanation Of What Chanukah Is TRASHFUCK Chanukomp 2012 C
Huffamoose Hannukah & Christmas Hand In Hand 12 Days Of Christmas 2009
Velouria 'Til Next Hanukkah Santa's Got A GTO! - Rodney On The ROQ's Fav X-Mas Songs C