Classical Discoveries Goes Avant-Garde

with Marvin Rosen

Composer Piece Ensemble/
Conductor Soloist/
Castellano, Jennifer Marvin Goes Avant-Garde (opening section) electronic 11:00
Fitkin, Graham Shard Ensemblebash Signum - 11:01
Coates, Gloria Among the Asteroids Kreutzer Quartet Tzadik - 11:04
Eaton, John Concert Piece for Syn-Ket and Symphony Orchestra John Eaton, Syn-Ket, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Donald Johanos, conductor EMF - 11:18
Ruccia, Dan Sub Mare Ensemble Soli Fan Tutti Darmstadt Darling Publications 11:33
Nancarrow, Conlon Toccata for Violin and Player Piano Irvine Arditti, violin Wergo - 11:37
Monk, Meredith Basket Rondo The Western Wind Vocal Ensemble Labor Records - 11:40
Singleton, Alvin Argoru VIII Peggy Benkeser, Snare Drum Albany Records - 11:56
Sculthorpe, Peter Sun Music I Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, David Porcelijn, conductor ABC Classics - 12:03
Andriessen, Louis Anfang Franz Bruggen, treble recorder, Louis Andriessen, piano Globe (recorded at 1981 Holland Festival) - 12:14
Andriessen, Louis Ende - for two recorders played simultaneously Franz Bruggen, recorder Globe (recorded at 1981 Holland Festival) - 12:18
Shechtman, Robert Variations on the Huang Chung of the Eleventh Moon Ethnoeccentric, Amplified Ensemble OgreOgress - 12:20
Blackburn, Philip Still Points Virtual Rhythmicon Innova - 12:33
Joplin, Janis, arr. Evan Ziporyn Summertime Maya Beiser, Cello Innova - 12:54